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GoBeyond Peru - Sacred Valley Service

Volunteer to help the impoverished women and their children in Peru with GoBeyond. Casa Mantay, a Cuzco center founded by Raquel and Sergio, serves as a refugee center for...

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GoBeyond India - Tibetan Village Experience

Dharamsala became the new home to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government in Exile in 1960, when the prime minister of India granted political asylum to Tibetans. Dharamsala...

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GoBeyond China - Orphans of Beijing

While living in Beijing, China's bustling capital city, lend a helping hand by spending time with physically disabled children in one of China's many private foster homes....

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GoBeyond Thailand - Service in the Land of Smiles

GoBeyond, with the help of the Duang Prateep Foundation, aims to provide safe and nurturing environments to some of Bangkok's underprivileged slum dwellers. Team-building...

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Costa Rica

GoBeyond Costa Rica - Pura Vida Experience

Travel to Costa Rica with GoBeyond to help improve the harsh conditions of the local community and its people. Life-workers participate in different humanitarian projects...

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GoBeyond Galapagos & Ecuador - Islands, Andes, & Amazon

Travel to Ecuador and explore the Galapagos Island with Lifeworks. Lifeworks Galapagos Islands aims to conserve and preserve both the land and seas of these beautiful islands...

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British Virgin Islands

GoBeyond British Virgin Islands - Preserving Paradise

Recently, tourism and economic growth have threatened the delicate ecological balance. With that, Lifeworks - British Virgin Islands developed core projects to help sustain...

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Multiple Countries

GoBeyond - Global Community Service Adventures for Teens

Volunteer in countries including British Virgin Islands, Thailand, and Costa Rica with GoBeyond Student Travel. Join community service activities and help out kids while

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