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Volunteer at the Cambodia Sports Project

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10/ 10

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A life changing experience - truly!

Well, what can I say?

Globalteer's Siem Reap Sports Program was life changing and unforgettable. I've always had a keen interest in sports and when I decided to go travelling, my friend told me about Globalteer and told me I should volunteer with them to a. see something different on my trip and b. to make a difference.

When I first arrived in Siem Reap, I was greeted by the fantastic volunteer coordinator, who went through the expectations and requirements set out by both Globalteer and the NGOs I'd be visiting. I was given a starter pack, a tour of downtown Siem Reap and the assurance that if I had any problems, the team would be happy to help.

One great thing I did notice from the off was the social messages they were trying to give the kids and how they just told me to have fun and enjoy myself. There was no danger of anything else!

I worked with three fantastic people - the Sport Manager, Charlie, a mini celebrity in Cambodia for all his great work with NGOs and providing the people with accessible sports, and two coaches - DK was like working with a best mate who showed his love for the community and sports whilst Srey Mom was hard working and a funny person to be around. I also taught them English whilst they taught me Khmer so the language exchanges were an added bonus for me and them - or so I like to think so!

I visited ten different locations and met some truly inspiring people. Kids from basic backgrounds who had nothing but gave everything. When you work with kids like this you realise how big a small volunteer impact can have on them. Moreover, you can really see the difference Globalteer is making to their lives.

What I loved most about this project was that everyday was different. Some days you had wet weather so had to run around on concrete in trainers and make the games safe for the kids. On others, it would be scorching sun and you'd be running around barefoot in the sandy playground, laughing and getting tanned!

The accommodation provided at a local guest house was exceptional for the fee included in my volunteer package. The staff were friendly, the food on offer was cheap, but excellent and traditional quality and the room was comfortable and relaxing.

I think it's worth mentioning the staff in the office who didn't come out with me on the projects. They were all friendly, welcomed me when weather prevented visits or if I needed help and extremely social. It was like being among friends who maintained their professionalism throughout but also knew how to engage and have fun with the volunteers. I miss them already!

I have not one bad word to say about the project or the kids and NGOs we worked with. Everyone was welcoming, enthusiastic and lots of fun. If I had the money, I'd be doing it every year!

Keep it up, Globalteer Cambodia!