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Year Founded: 1984

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St. Lucia

Volunteer in St. Lucia. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Volunteer in St. Lucia and be part of the first ever focused and targeted effort to increase the intellectual capability of children through comprehensive development projects....

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Volunteer in Portugal. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

On the European continent's Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal ascended to the status of World Power during the "Age of Discovery," -- only to lose...

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Volunteer in Peru. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

You can be THE difference in a child's life! Work with us in an orphanage or boys' home to improve educational and social opportunities for young students. Read books in

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Volunteer in Vietnam. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

You're needed as a volunteer English teacher in Hanoi! Teach lively classes of youth and young adults on University campuses and in a private secondary school. Experience...

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Cook Islands

Volunteer in the Cook Islands. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

We have a great volunteer place for you! Provide a genuine service while learning about this captivating South Pacific culture. Our NGO host partner on the main island

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Volunteer in Ecuador. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Play with and teach bright, happy children from impoverished families in Calderon, Ecuador. You're needed to assist teachers and help expand and maintain residential, training,...

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Costa Rica

Volunteer in Costa Rica. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Here's a place to roll up your sleeves and make a difference! Families, students, couples and individuals of all ages are invited to contribute to community service projects...

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Volunteer in Tanzania. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Volunteer in Africa! Work on village development projects including teaching, building classrooms and dormitories, and supplying books and other school materials. Volunteers...

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Volunteer in Romania. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

In the charming rural village of Tutova, you can help feed and care for babies who arrive at the "failure-to-thrive ward" shortly after birth. Each day, you and your teammates...

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Volunteer in Poland. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

This is service-learning at its best. Teach conversational English in rural elementary and high-school classrooms in the Siedlce region, east of Warsaw and at English language...

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Volunteer in Mexico. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Experience Mexico as a "non-tourist." You'll practice English conversation and pronunciation skills in small groups with university students. The focus is on English conversation,...

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Volunteer in Italy. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Experience Italy as a volunteer! Our partnership with teachers and administrators in several small towns in the Pulia region puts you directly in touch with students on a...

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Volunteer in Greece. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Teach English on the enchanting island of Crete in Greece. Volunteers are needed to improve English fluency of Greek students since language skills are important to achieve...

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Volunteer in China. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

With Global Volunteers, you can see China through the eyes of the Chinese people, experience everyday life in Chinese schools, homes and communities, and develop friendships...

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