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About Global Service Corps

Year Founded: 1992

Global Service Corps offers service-learning and community development programs aimed at benefiting volunteers and the communities they serve. Our programs are offered year-round from two weeks to six months to one year in Cambodia and Tanzania. Each service-learning program begins with in-depth training sessions, and provides rewarding hands-on challenges for volunteers. Our vision is to continue to grow our corps of volunteer programs and incorporate more communities in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere in the world. Founded in 1993, Global Service Corps is a sponsored project of Earth Island Institute.

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Cambodia Integrated Service-Learning Programs

Cambodia : Phnom Penh, Rural Areas and 1 other city , Siem Reap Show less

College students from varying disciplines are invited to participate in the unique internship and volunteer service-oriented programs offered by Global Service Corps (GSC)....

Orphanage Care in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Global Service Corps works with volunteers in providing support and imparting life skills for children affected by HIV/AIDS. The organization endeavors to help the orphans...

Teach English Abroad in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Having English language skills provides a world of opportunities for Cambodians. Industries such as tourism and hospitality require basic English skills and many of the international...

International Health Program in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

The International Health Program encompasses a broad public health education program to address a gamut of community health issues. GSC partners with a local NGO serving

College Credit: Role of Civil Society & Buddhism in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

Global Service Corps works with Paññasastra University of Cambodia (PUC) and the State University of New York (SUNY) in providing Service-Learning programs in Cambodia....

Buddhist Immersion Volunteer Program in Cambodia

Cambodia : Phnom Penh

GSC's Buddhist Immersion Program offers volunteers a chance to be both the teacher and the student. Participants learn about the Khmer culture on social, spiritual and intellectual...