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Year Founded: 2009

Global Nomadic exists to help travellers, young professionals and career-changers find affordable and ethical projects in a wide variety of fields by matching you with reputable and worthwhile projects all over the world. Experience the world and give your career a real boost at the same time with our unique professional internships’. Choose from amazing projects in many diverse fields such as wildlife conservation, veterinary medicine, community development, education, human rights issues, medicine and journalism. Maybe you are a gap-year traveller wanting to experience something different before starting your studies. Maybe you have already chosen your path in life and are looking for real life hands-on experience in your field. Maybe you are looking for a complete career change and need a little help with that elusive foot-in-the-door. Or maybe you just want to experience immersing yourself in a new culture, while giving something back to the community.

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Community School Project - Madagascar

Madagascar : Andavadoaka, Ankarafantsika National Park and 14 other cities , Antalaha, Antananarivo, Diego Suarez, Finanrantsoa, Fort Dauphin, Ifaty, Manombo Special Reserve, Moramanga, Morombe, Nosy Be, Ranomafana National Park, Rural Areas, Tanatave, Tulear Show less

Contribute to a Community School Project in Madagascar. Run by a non-profit organisation, the project promotes cross-cultural exchanges through community development. It

Wildlife Rehabilitation / Reforestation, Amazonian Peru

Peru : Rural Areas

Volunteer and support the Wildlife Rescue Centre as they provide homes for animals. Volunteers will help in the construction of new cages, huts, pathways and everything needed...

Renewable Energy & Sustainable Engineering - Nicaragua

Nicaragua : Totgalpa

Gain practical knowledge as you participate in an internship program offered by Global Nomadic. This internship opportunity will provide qualified interns with remarkable...

Medical Careership in Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Argentina is well known for its advanced healthcare system, the high-quality training of its doctors and nurses, sharing many similarities to the modern techniques used in...

Elephant Experience in Sri Lanka - Volunteer Adventures

Sri Lanka : Kegalla

Work closely with the team to provide care for the captive elephants as you participate in a program provided by Global Nomadic. This volunteer opportunity is based in the...

Paid Teaching + TEFL Training - China

China : Beijing, Chengdu and 8 other cities , Guangzhou, Guilin, Hangzhou, Kunming, Nanning, Rural Areas, Shanghai, Xi'an Show less

It has became legend amongst 'Teach English as a Foreign Language' (TEFL) teachers that over 300 million Chinese people have studied or are currently studying English. Accounting...

Conservation & Environmental Research - Brazil

Brazil : Campo Grande

Forget the Amazon, Brazil's Pantanal region, a tropical wetland basin that covers more than 200,000 square kilometers, boasts the greatest concentrations of wildlife in the...

Voluntary Teaching - Argentina

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the dynamic, bustling capital of Argentina, home to tango and world-class architecture. The city's blend of European heritage with a Latin lifestyle make

Paid Teaching + TEFL Training - Thailand

Thailand : Bangkok, Chiang Mai and 2 other cities , Hat Yai, Phuket Show less

Join the unique program provided by Global Nomadic and get paid to work as a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) teachers. Qualified teachers will have the opportunity...

Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship in Guatemala

Guatemala : Rural Areas, San Juan La Laguna

Become an intern in a remote northern region in Guatemala with Global Nomadic. Participants who are animal lovers, conservationists, and researchers can help rehabilitate...

Marine Biology Careership - Italy

Italy : Iischia, Ischia

Further a career in marine biology with Global Nomadic internship placement. Located in Iischia, Italy, participants can enjoy Italian "la dolce vita" while taking part into...

TV Journalism Careership - Mongolia

Mongolia : Ulaan Baator, Ulaanbaatar

Global Nomadic is offering a TV and Print Journalism in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. This career placement will place international participants with a Mongolian TV Channel. Gain...

Teaching in Paradise, Bali

Indonesia : Bali

Teach English or Special Education in a primary school in Bali. Volunteers will have the freedom to choose how they want to teach and will be provided with access to facilities...

Agroforestry & Environmental Development Internships

Ecuador : Rural Areas

Work with an NGO in conducting research in sustainable development in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The program welcomes graduate students and professionals in Agroforestry. The...