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Teach English In France

Overall Rating

8/ 10

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An Authentic French Experience

I took part in a two month programme in France where I was expected to teach around 15 hours a week in a French college for school and board. Despite being placed in a rather small city in the Pays de La Loire region (not Brittany, as was advertised on their website), because of the family I was placed with I still had an amazing time. I had the fortune of being on placement during May when France seems to just have holiday after holiday, so quite frankly I didn't spend that much time "teaching" at the school in the end. The bonus was that both with the family and the friends I have based around France I was able to do quite a lot of exploring.

The family I stayed with and their extensive family were so incredibly welcoming, especially in light of the fact they partake in the programme without receiving any financial payment for their services. Everything they did was done out of simple generosity.
I was also lucky enough to make a few friends in the town and being the same age as some of the teachers meant I was able to socialise outside of the family with people my own age.
The teaching section of the programme while initially seemed to be well organised was however a little bit on the light side. This could be a good or a bad thing, depending on what your goal is on the programme. For me it was a bit of a mixed pot - while I would have liked to have been utilised a little bit more in the school and would have liked a little more continuity of classes with the students, at the same time I also had plenty of my own things to do to keep me occupied, so in the end it wasn't a problem. Also for those of you who are qualified teachers (or intending to be) the directrice was quite lovely, therefore I'm sure if you approach her she would be more than willing to discuss things with her.

The other bonus of being placed in a rather small town was that there was rarely anyone who could speak (or was willing to speak) English, meaning that I was able to achieve my overall goal of gaining as much exposure to the French language as was possible. I left the family feeling I had if not achieved complete fluency, had definitely expanded my vocabulary significantly.

On the whole I would definitely recommend this programme to others; on the condition that if you are placed in a small town or city that you have the resources to be proactive and find your own activities to do outside of school and family. I would say it is far and above the best way of getting exposed to the French culture, language and way of life.