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Asia Experience

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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This was seriously the best experience of my life. I was really nervous planning this trip because it was different than any other abroad program I had done before and I honestly had no idea what to expect. Everything, from the people to food to living conditions to the city to the work and the kids we were teaching, EVERYTHING was so much better than my expectations.

Chiang Mai is beautiful and full of a balanced mixture of fun and culture. The volunteer house was about 20 minutes outside of Chiang Mai in a town called Doi Saket, which was cool because it was so intimate and way less touristy than Chiang Mai. Don't worry though because Chiang Mai is a 18 baht bus ride (which is less than 50 cents) so you'll make time to go to the city often. The house was clean and big on a beautiful stretch of land and our chef is the nicest woman! She makes amazing pad thai too so be sure to ask for it!!!

The administrative group were some of the realest, most down to earth people in the world; they are just hilarious, but also care so much about the work they are doing. When I was there, I taught young monks, played with kids in the nursery, and stayed in a hill tribe village to study elephants and help the community. Anyways I could talk forever about this amazing trip, but if you are looking for a trip to immerse you into the Thai culture while enjoying yourself, then this is the ONE! I suggest you sign up now.