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Turtle Conservation Perhentian Island

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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amazing 2 weeks

One of the most beautiful islands I've been to. The people were amazing and friendly. The experience was absolutely awesome.
Now about the project, it was well maintained. The accommodation was great. It had a tiny forest, a private-ish beach and the thing I miss the most..the deck. Oh the wonderful deck. You usually have to make your breakfast and lunch yourself but the best parts the dinner when everyone eats together like a family(though i skipped that part a lot because im not exactly a family person. I'd just buy beer and juice and drink till im full on the deck). The work is quite fun. Specially the snorkeling and the night petrol are nice. You can sleep on the hammock/the rocks or the really comfy bed. I usually consider myself insomniac and getting more than 4 hours of sleep seems impossible for me. But as magical as it was I slept the whole nights peacefully there and I went to bed early. Which made me doubt if I was labeling myself right. So if you want to cure sleeplessness, look no further.
the best part is definitely seeing baby turtles and holding them, the wonderful malay food and the friendly people. I can guarantee everyone would enjoy this. :)