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Madagascar Wildlife Conservation Adventure

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9/ 10

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Madagascar Wilflife Adventure

When I originally saw Frontiers wildlife conservation opportunities in Madagascar I was determined to get out and get started. Madagascar is somewhere I have always wanted to visit, for it's huge range of endemic species, and incredible scenery. Thankfully I have not been let down, with the fantastic staff deployed on the Island of Nosy Be, most species can be identified with just a quick word, and if not there is a decent selection of books for fish, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals. Sadly there is less known about the flora of the island, as an aspiring botanist, this should have been more upsetting; however, the friendly people, cheap and tasty food around camp and fauna surrounding you on all sides, never disappoints. I could not recommend this experience enough, my only words would be to grab on with both hands, and don't neglect learning the species, and bits of French before you get out here. Don't miss out, come and do this, you'll meet people you'll never forget and hope to stay friends with, Madagascar is truly an adventure.