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About Fronteering

Year Founded: 2011

We at Fronteering focus on destinations less visited, places that are unspoiled and some of the world's last frontiers. From the Canadian Arctic and Rocky Mountains, where participants have the opportunity to volunteer at a husky ranch or help with the rehabilitation of bears, or the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana or Brazil, where participants live and volunteer among Amerindian tribes, to the dark forests of Tasmania, where they have the chance to work with Tasmanian Devils.

Discover Programs

Desert Survival Jordan

Jordan : Petra

Fronteering specializes in arranging extreme Adventure. We arrange Jungle, Island and now also Desert survivals in the Arabian Desert of Jordan! Get to experience the

Medical & Hospital Care Ghana

Ghana : Accra

Have the opportunity to volunteer at hospital in Ghana to help the local population! Africa has a significant issue when it comes to medical care. The number of doctors and...

Horse Ranch New Zealand!

New Zealand : Auckland

Always wanted to know what it would be like to live and work at ranch in New Zealand and horse riding through it's rugged landscape? This is your chance! Fronteering is working...

Turtle Rescue & Research

Guyana : Rural Areas

Have the great opportunity to volunteer and rescue and research turtles in Guyana. Why of all the destinations where these programs are offered should you go to Guyana? Our...

Extreme Amazon Survival!

Brazil : Manaus

Do you think your made of what it takes to survive! What if one you get lost in the jungle. WIll you know what to do next? Join our extreme Amazon survival trip and learn...

Bush Dog Amazon Predator Research

Brazil : Manaus

Fronteering is teaming up with wildlife researchers to get an insight on the life of the mysterious Bush dog. One of the least studied predators of this known world. Get

Scottish Highlands Wildlife Conservation

Scotland : Aberdeen, Edinburgh and 1 other city , Glasgow Show less

The Scottish Highlands is one of the last wild places in Nothern Europe. However after many centuries of destruction it is in need of your help. Fronteering is joining efforts...

Wildlife Care & Rehab Australia

Australia : Sydney, Wollongong

If you love wildlife and have always dreamed of traveling to Australia then this is the opportunity for you! Fronteering is arranging unique opportunities to volunteer at...

Tasmanian Devil Rescue & Care

Australia : Hobart, Launceston and 1 other city , Tasmania Show less

Tasmanian Devils are in fast decline due to a contagious cancer that is decimating the population. Join Fronteering and help with the effort to rescue, care, rehabilitate,...

Wolf Care USA

United States : New Mexico

Volunteer in the US and contribute to wolf care. You will travel to New Hampshire where you will provide care to wolves and other canines. You will also help with the daily...

Child Care Ghana

Ghana : Accra

Who does not dream of living in a completely different country with a very different culture for a while, far away from home – and not only as a tourist, but as one of

Amazon Jungle Survival

Guyana : Rural Areas

This is a once in a life time opportunity for the real adventures among us! Can you cope and survive in the Amazon Jungle with nothing more then a pocket knife? This 2...

Amazon Ranch Project

Guyana : Rural Areas

Did you ever dream to live the life of a cowboy but you haven’t figured out how to travel back in time yet? Then this is your chance! Go back in to time in remote and beautiful...

Wild Horse Mustang Rescue

United States : Orlando

Take this exciting opportunity to care for rescued wild Mustang horses! The wild Mustang horse often called the Spirit of the West is in need of your help! Volunteer for

Deserted Island Survival Belize!

Belize : Rural Areas

Ever Imagined being the victim of a shipwreck and have to survive on an island Robinson Crusoe style? Or did you ever brag you would be able to do a better job surviving

Amazon Jungle Survival Guide Brazil

Brazil : Manaus

Travel to Brazil one of the world's largest countries in to the heart of the worlds largest jungle. Learn Portuguese, Teach the staff English, educate the public about the...

Volunteer & Surf Panama

Panama : Bocas del Toro

Travel to a tropical Island off the Caribbean coast of Panama and experience a volunteer abroad project like no other! Help build up and support Native indigenous communities,...

Volunteer with Indigenous Amerindians in the Amazon Jungle!

Guyana : Georgetown

The Experience If you love to explore and know about indigenous cultures then this where you want to go and help to sustain their way of life before these precious cultures...

Rehabilitate Bears and other Wildlife in Canada

Canada : Abbotsford, Calgary and 7 other cities , Churchill, Cochrane, Edmonton, Golden, Grande Prairie, Langley, Vancouver Show less

Grab the opportunity of a lifetime to rehabilitate and rescue many different species of wildlife, from the smallest squirrels to the largest wildlife bears located near the...

Rehabilitate and Rescue in the USA (Hawaii, Florida, Texas)

United States : Florida City, Hawaii and 1 other city , Texas Show less

Grab the opportunity of a lifetime to rehabilitate and rescue many different species of wildlife, from the smallest squirrels to the largest bears. Projects are located througout...

Husky Ranch Dog Sled Volunteering in Canada!

Canada : Banff, Canmore and 5 other cities , Kamloops, Kelowna, London, Vancouver, Whitehorse Show less

This Project is for those who always wanted to explore the world of dog sledding and the unique way of living the 'bush life! This volunteer abroad project will give you

Volunteer at a First Nations Indian Reserve!

Canada : Kamloops, Kelowna and 1 other city , Victoria Show less

Have the opportunity to volunteer at Canadian Indian Reserve and learn about the fascinating culture of the Secwepemc nation. The minimum duration is 4 weeks up to a maximum...

Volunteer in a Husky Ranch in Canada's Arctic North Pole

Canada : Rural Areas

Have the ultimate dogsled and husky ranch experience in the Arctic North Pole of Canada. Volunteers will have the opportunity to enjoy the view of the amazing northern lights,...


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