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Teaching media in Thailand

I came to the Filmmakers Without Borders programme from graduate school. Having spent a significant amount of time in academia, I wanted to do something that allowed me to continue working in education, but that was more applied and involved directly in community work. FWB was the perfect opportunity to combine a passion for teaching, a passion for media and a passion for giving back.

I most appreciated the emphasis on making a meaningful connection with the communities I worked in. I lived amongst the people in Thailand, right next to the school, right beside the Buddhist temple. I ate with my neighbours, I had late evening conversations with monks, I adopted a dog. Most importantly, I formed a strong bond with my students, who flourished from the teaching provided that gave them freedom to be imaginative and creative. The equipment provided by FWB allowed for every student to have access to a camera and to learn how to use it produce videos and photos that were not only fun but educational. At the end of the programme, we put on a film festival in the village and invited friends, parents and other community members to see the work that the students had done. It was a wonderful and proud experience.

As a fellow, I was always supported and made to feel that my efforts were appreciated. The curriculum provided gave me a solid base from which to work and to feel anchored, but I was given the freedom to inject my own practices and personality into the classroom. Outside of the classroom, in my own film work, I was given constant feedback and encouragement, which helped me to grow as an artist.

FWB is an incredible opportunity to teach media literacy to underserved communities. It allowed for the use of technology to empower students to take control of their education in a unique way, to tell their own stories and to use professional equipment. It stretched me as a person and allowed me to experience a different culture in a direct, non-exploitative manner. It afforded me the opportunity to share my own culture with new people. It was a genuinely amazing and life changing experience, something that even now continues to positively influence me. I made life-long friends, but most importantly, I believe I made an impact on the lives of the students I taught.