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Since 1993, Compass Knowledge Group has partnered with select academic institutions to help them develop online programs that are academically superior and economically successful.

There was a time when, if you built it, they would come. That is not true anymore. Online learning has become incredibly complex and competitive, and forecasts predict it will be increasingly so in the next several years. For an institution to become and stay successful, you must go well beyond developing an online program and advertising it. Compass Knowledge is a full service provider of e-learning services, potentially providing every part of the online learning value chain to our academic partners.

Our academic partners and their faculty admit the students, deliver content and instruction, and confer degrees. We can do the rest.

Compass provides any or all of the following services:

* Assess Market Viability and Institutional Readiness
* Finance the Launch of Online Programs
* Market the Institutions Online Programs to Prospective Students
* Recruit More and Better-Qualified Students
* Develop Curriculum and Courses
* Design and Build Online Classrooms
* Manage the Online Learning Environment
* Support, Recruit, and Train Faculty
* Retain Students through Proactive Retention Services
* Assist Our Partners to Continuously Become More Competitive


At Compass, we are passionate about the business of higher education. Since our formation, our vision has been to assist universities to enhance the student experience with online learning programs that demonstrate academic excellence, meet students' high expectations, and deliver a quality learning experience.

The growth in online learning is both explosive and exciting. New studies show the number of students enrolled in online courses far exceeds that of the overall growth in the higher education student population. But competition for students is increasing dramatically. How can you enter this marketplace with an academically-superior, economically-successful online program? Compass Knowledge Group is the expert provider of distance learning services. We partner with prominent, not-for-profit colleges and universities to help them plan, implement, and operate successful online academic programs.

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