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New Zealand: Dunedin, Rural Areas


Build your own personlised tour of the Southern Coast. We can expand the suggestions below into an exclusive itinerary on request.

Whether you have only a day to spare ( Ideal for a private guided tour of the Otago peninsula and its unique and abundant wildlife ), or a whole week, we can help you have an amazing southern coast experience. Base your itinerary around our explorer locations to build your own perfect guided nature holiday.

Wild Peninsula (Ideal choice as a one day cruise ship shore excursion)
Close encounters with nature. Coastal farms, small bays and inlets, rugged hills white sand beaches. Unique wildlife going about its daily routines. Witness one of the worlds rarest penguin species waddle up a beach after a long day's feeding, Hooker's Sealions dozing in the sun and bedlam in a fur seal breeding colony. Royal Albatross soaring above the famous Taiaroa headland.

NOTE: Variations of this Wild Peninsula option make an excellent one day shore excursion package for visiting Cruise Ship passengers.


* Wild North Coast (north of Dunedin city)
A place of haunting beauty, idyllic fishing villages with seabirds and seals, turquoise blue sea with dolphins at play, Little blue penguins at Oamaru and a beach strewn with boulders larger than you.

* Wild South Coast (south of Dunedin city)
Wild and rugged, serene and tranquil. Rugged coastline with breathtaking vistas of the ocean, meandering rivers, rolling farmlands and white sand beaches. A wetland wildlife reserve, sandy beaches with sealions, seals, and maybe an elephant Seal. Sometimes Yellow-eyed Penguins are also seen.

* Wild Catlins Coast (the coastal area from Kaka point in the north to Waikawa in the south)
A trip into our Jurrasic past. A region high in scenic and wildlife wonders and low in population. Glimpse the way New Zealand was, rich in flora and fauna. Tranquil rivers with waterfalls, petrified forest and native birdlife. Ocean beaches with native wildlife species.

* Wild Island Coast (Stewart Island)
Paradise from a lost age. Imagine 700 Km of coast, 20 kilometres of road and just 390 people. View the flightless Kiwi in the wild, trees abounding with Kaka, Native Pigeon, Tui, Bellbirds and more. The seas are home to seals, penguins, sealions, dolphins This is paradise as it should be providing a view of the past.

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