ELI volunteers bathing the elephants ELI volunteers bathing the elephants

Medical Internships in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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I always had something new each day!

The application process was good, easy to complete and communicate with the coordinator. My advisor, Malissa Spero was very helpful and easy to reach. In Thailand, I mainly worked with Imm who was the specific medical intern coordinator. She was great and very helpful and friendly.

ELI gave us a 2 day orientation with a basics in Thai lesson along with a tour of the city. The volunteer house was really nice to live in with the other volunteers, felt like our own home, especially after being there for 9 weeks.

I was rotating through a different department of the hospital each week, overall 3 different hospitals. Because each week was somewhere different, I always had something new each day! Meeting new people, and observing whatever was going on that day whether it be a new surgery, sitting with a doctor in the outpatient department, or following the nurses about their day. It was really nice to be able to observe everything that was going on in the hospital from different lenses, and talk to various staff members about their experiences as well as opinions. I learned a lot about their work, as well as culture. Although I do not speak Thai, we were able to communicate effectively enough to understand each other, and they were able to teach me some basic words in Thai, where one of the most important words in communicating with a patient was "jeb" (hurts).