ELI volunteers bathing the elephants ELI volunteers bathing the elephants

Horse Rescue in Argentina

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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The experience was great everyone was very helpful

The application process for my program was very smooth. ELI's portal was very effective in knowing that my information was received and being reviewed so that I could move on to the next step. My advisor was Clara, she was extremely helpful and always checked in with me to see how things were going. Yes, when I had arrived I had my orientation at the program’s language school. They picked me up to bring me to the school and give me a better idea about the program and who I would be working with. The school also provided a place for me to get to know where I was staying, improve on my language skills, and offered many opportunities to immerse my self in the culture.

My placement was a sanctuary, outside of the city. It was great I would spend my days taking care of the animals and helping out where needed. I enjoyed being there and everyone was very nice. I stayed at a hostel downtown and was very happy there. I was close to everything, and it was easy to get around. The experience was great everyone was very helpful. My in country coordinator was Cristina. She was always around and checking in to make sure I was getting along OK.