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Year Founded: 1965

English First has helped over 15 million people worldwide to learn new language and travel abroad since 1965. With 25,000 teachers and 9,000 education professionals, and over 400 centers and schools around the world, English First is the world's largest privately owned education organization. As a global company, we offer great opportunities to teach English in some of the world's most vibrant and fascinating countries. We offer our teachers the ability to grow their professional portfolio. Throughout their time teaching English with us, we take care of our teachers. With over two decades of experience in our countries of operation, we have developed a safety net to make our participants' first days and weeks on the job more manageable.

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Teaching Positions Available (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou)

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Find out why people teach with us. We really are different! What can I tell you about teaching with us in China? I could tell you China is such an amazing place. Somewhere...