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Events Management Work Experience in South Africa

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Empower. Restore. Volunteer. Repeat.

"Empower. Restore. Volunteer." These three words encapsulate what the experience of volunteering can do, not only for yourself, but for an entire community. I would actually add an extra word, "Repeat", as this experience left me wanting to do even more volunteer work for EDGE and other organisations.

Now that I have graduated from the University of Chester with a degree in Events Management I look back at my past 3 years and my five week placement with EDGE of AFRICA stands out a million miles from anything else I participated in during my time at University, and further to say anything I had done in my life!

The Events Management programme with EDGE allowed myself to use the skills and knowledge I had acquired at University and put them into practice. Working as part of a team and on my own initiative allowed me to develop these skills in a place where I was completely out of my comfort zone, however the rewards pay off in the end. During my time with EDGE I got to help organise and execute two events, a school talent show in the Knysna town centre and an Eco-day at Judah Square to help raise awareness to local businesses and travelers that they are very welcome to come see how the Rastafarian's live, check out their backpackers place to stay and also help out with their Eco-trail conservation project.

Event design/development, team building, marketing, promoting, funding, negotiating skills, communication and many other excellent skills are part of what is required and needless to say they certainly helped build my confidence in these roles.

I could not fault my experience with EDGE at all and the staff were very helpful and welcoming, within 24 hours I felt like I was at home! I hope that one day I can return to do another project, but for now, I would highly recommend EDGE to anyone who wishes to volunteer overseas. Make the most out of your experience and even take the time to do a bit of travelling afterwards as I ended up going to Cape Town for a week with some friends which was again another experience I will never forget.

Empower. Restore. Volunteer. Repeat. Forever.