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Vestergade 5-7 ,Copenhagen, K, , 1456 Denmark

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Year Founded: 1959

Founded in 1959, DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad is a nonprofit organization based in Copenhagen that provides semester, academic year, and summer programs which are taught in English. With intensive programs offering rigorous coursework coupled with field studies for hands-on experience, DIS conducts study tours in Denmark and across Europe. Our students are undergraduate juniors or seniors from select American universities and 90 percent of these students intend to go to graduate school. We have over 190 elective courses and 23 academic programs, with an average of 20 students per class. We ensure our students achieve high academic quality, course-integrated study tours all over Europe, and integration into the Danish culture and meet Danes.

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Study Abroad in English with DIS - Summer Courses

Denmark : Copenhagen

Studying abroad with DIS allows you to pursue a dream summer. Courses with field components and study tours are designed to maximize your time academically and culturally....

Study Sustainability in Europe

Denmark : Copenhagen

Examine the social, political, and economic issues associated with sustainable development and the range of Danish and European stakeholders shaping the sustainability agenda. The...

Study Child Development & Diversity in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Enrich and develop your critical thinking skills through investigating and reflecting on current issues in child development and education. This program is right for you...

Study Communication in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Place yourself in the center of the European communication landscape to develop your cross-cultural communication skills, hone your critical media literacy, or gain an understanding...

Study International Business in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Whether you dream of building your career in the corporate world or becoming an entrepreneur, expand your experience in analyzing how innovative European businesses operate. This...

Summer Courses in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Choose from over 50 courses across a variety of disciplines Enroll in one, or multiple sessions, and stay between 3 and 10 weeks Earn from 3 to 12 credits

Study Forensic Psychology in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden : Stockholm

What makes people commit crime? Are there gender differences? What is the role of perception? Explore the cognitive, emotional, social, and neuropsychological approaches

Study Medical Practice & Policy in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden : Stockholm

Gain unique pre-medical experience by learning from Swedish medical doctors and get an insider’s view of the workings of hospitals, clinics, and medical research, as well...

Study Gender & Sexuality Studies in Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden : Stockholm

Well known for its progressive norms and policies, Scandinavia is a perfect place to study the challenges and opportunities of core topics within gender, equality, and sexuality....

DIS Internships in Copenhagen, Demnark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Partake in a number of internship opportunities offered by the Danish Institute for Study. Open to previous DIS study abroad program participants who have completed their...

Study Computer Science in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

The computer game development is a booming multi-billion dollar industry. With its flourishing independent gaming culture and public funds for game developers, Denmark is...

Study Gender and Sexuality Studies in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Explore core topics within gender and sexuality studies in the context of Scandinavia and Europe, well-known for gender equality, queer activism, and liberal policies. This...

Study Urban Studies in Copenhagen

Denmark : Copenhagen

Discover how the city has become the focal point for cultural expression, social change, and political tension. Symbolizing freedom and upward mobility, the city promises...

Study Prostitution and the Sex Trade in Copenhagen

Denmark : Copenhagen

Prostitution is legal in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and the Netherlands, but each country applies its own policies and laws. Explore how different cultures construct very

Study Neuroscience in Copenhagen

Denmark : Copenhagen

Explore the neurobiology and brain anatomy of psychiatric disorders, gain insight into their pharmacological treatment, and learn about cutting-edge clinical and lab-based...

Study Environmental Science of the Arctic in Copenhagen, DK

Denmark : Copenhagen

Explore climate change theory and other environmental issues through the lens of climate history in the Arctic, and examine the evidence on your study tour to Iceland or

Study Sociology in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Globalization has torn down walls, dissolved old hierarchies, and brought cultures closer together. In this program you will gain comparative insights from Denmark, Sweden,...

Study European Humanities in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Explore European history, film, art, literature, philosophy, or religious studies in the iconic settings that define Western tradition. This program is right for you if...

Study Justice and Human Rights in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Enhance your knowledge of international law and human rights by analyzing the legal aspects and political context behind major modern conflicts and human rights violations...

Study Psychology in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

This program focuses on psychological theory, research, and practice, with an emphasis on its application in a Danish and European context. This program is right for you...

Study Global Economics in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Examine the impact of globalization on European integration, comparative advantage, and international competitiveness by using the theories of international trade, capital...

Study Public Health in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Develop a Northern European perspective on salient aspects of public health such as the organization of healthcare systems, health promotion, and inequality in health, while...

Study Furniture Design in Scandinavia

-Multi-Country Locations : Denmark, Finland and 1 other location , Sweden Show less

Scandinavian furniture design has a deep history of considering people, culture, and society. The course will explore this relationship and grow your individual design capabilities...

Study Biomedicine in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Delve into biotechnology-based methods for disease treatment and the dynamics of drug discovery and development, and build your perspective on the relationship between academia...

Study Medical Practice & Policy in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Gain unique pre-medical experience, such as clinical lab exercises, as well as insight into clinical practices and healthcare in Europe. This program is right for you

Study European Politics in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Visit key European political institutions and meet political actors in a hands-on examination of how Europe functions both as a whole and from region to region. This program...

Study Graphic Design in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Graphic design is a primary force for the visual expression of ideas, concepts, and information. You will develop a comprehensive understanding of the Scandinavian and European...

Study Architecture & Design in Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark : Copenhagen

Gain knowledge of the Scandinavian approach to architecture in the 21st century, combining a strong tradition with the contemporary energy of the new wave architects. The...


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