Paid Childcare Work in Spain


Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Seville (Sevilla)

Length of Position: 3-month to 1 year placements


Salary and benefits vary with each country and family. On average, you will be working 8-10 hours per day, with at least five days a week. You will have much of the day to yourself if the children are attending school and part of your job often times includes helping children with their English speaking skills.


International Childcare Offers:
* An opportunity to broaden your perspective and worldview
* An economical way to live and travel abroad
* An opportunity to participate in and learn local cultural activities (e.g. sports, music, cooking)
* Memorable travel experiences with the chance to see exotic sites you have always dreamed about
* The ability to make lifelong friends from around the globe
* A valuable work experience that strengthens your resume, exhibiting your diligence, independence, and intercultural experiences
* A great way to develop and support your self-confidence and interpersonal skills
* A chance to learn or build on your French, Italian or Spanish language skills

Cultural Embrace by API Offers:
• Guaranteed Family Placement - Prior to Departure Cultural Embrace by API guarantees a pre-arranged paid position in the with a pre-screened host family.

• Compensation: Weekly stipend and room and board included. Stipend will be anywhere from 80-120 USD/week, depending on your placement. You will have two days of the week off and often times you will have much of the day to yourself while the children are in school.

• Room & Board: Your placement includes a private room, and typically a shared bathroom with your sponsored family. All meals are included with your local family.

• Visa Assistance: Cultural Embrace by API will assist you with attaining your visa. Most placements have a minimum of 6 months. Your Program Coordinator will help you find an appropriate visa, however we cannot guarantee visa approval. The fee to receive your visa is NOT included in your program fee.

• Medical, Life and Travel Insurance
Medical and life insurance is provided for all participants during the program term. This insurance coverage includes medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as 24-hour support services for medical and travel issues.

• Arrival Pick-Up and Transfer: Cultural Embrace by API will see to it that you are met at the closest airport, train or bus station by your host family and taken to your new home.

• Language Lessons and Networking Opportunities: Cultural Embrace by API will set up language lessons (if needed) that match your skill level. Our local partners have frequent meeting for au pairs in each area to maximize your networking opportunities.

• Cultural Embrace by API Kit Useful tips, advice, and information to prepare you for the amazing adventure of living and working abroad.
• Full-time Representation Cultural Embrace by API provides English-speaking representation in the United States and your host local country prior to, during, and after your placement.

• TOMS Shoes, a One for One™ Giving Product
Upon completion of your program and online evaluations, you will receive a pair of TOMS Shoes. With every product purchased, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One™. Giving back is part of our ethos. We share the vision of the TOMS mission - to help contribute to making a positive impact abroad by providing a pair of shoes to a child in need.

• Optional international mobile plan with data coverage
Opt for an AT&T mobile plan that offers low international rates, no roaming charges in over 150 countries, and bundled data and text. Current AT&T customers may simply add the coverage to their current plan and billing. Non-AT&T customers may use their own phone and swap with an AT&T SIM card.


Please visit our website for details.


* Age Requirements: varies according to destination, generally 21-30 years of age
* Childcare experience; references from previous childcare work required
* Open to foreign cultures and living abroad
* High school diploma and high level of responsibility
* Dedication to the full term of commitment
* Knowledge of destinations mother tongue, or willingness to learn

Minimum Education

High School

Job Types

  • Au Pair


  • English
  • Spanish


The average salary includes private accommodations and full board with the host family and a weekly stipend of USD 80 - USD 120 per week.

Experience Required


    Childcare Experience Required

This Program is open to

American and European Participants.

Participants Travel


Typically Participants Work


Application Process Involves

  • Other
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Physical Exam/Health Records
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

2 weeks-1 year