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Year Founded: 1995

Cross-Cultural Solutions addresses critical global issues by providing meaningful and sustainable volunteer service to communities abroad, and investing in the local economies and people. CCS provides continuous, year-round service and opportunities in education, childhood development, healthcare, and other social services aimed at improving quality of life. CCS is a trusted member of the communities where we work. With over 25,000 volunteers, CCS has a long history of positive impact.

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Volunteer in India - New Delhi. Your Journey Awaits...

India : New Delhi

India has a buzz about it, a pace and a national character all its own. The complexity that you'll find when you volunteer in India offers you an experience of incomparable...

Volunteer in Costa Rica. An Amazing Adventure Abroad!

Costa Rica : Cartago

Costa Rica is a worldwide leader in ecotourism, recognized for its rich biodiversity--but it's also well known for its warm and welcoming people who live by pura vida. Directly...

Volunteer in Morocco. A Life-Changing Experience Abroad!

Morocco : Rabat

The country's ancient medinas, quaint coastal towns, and vibrant spice markets remind you at every turn that you've left the familiar behind. For many globetrotting volunteers,...

Volunteer Abroad in one of 9 Countries for 1-12 Weeks

-Multi-Country Locations : Brazil, Costa Rica and 7 other locations , Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania, Thailand Show less

Cross-Cultural Solutions is a nonprofit working to address critical global issues by providing meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad, and contributing responsibly...

Volunteer in Guatemala. A Life-Changing Experience Abroad!

Guatemala : Guatemala City

When you volunteer in Guatemala, you'll be welcomed by the hospitality of the Guatemalan people who are usually mestizo, a mix of Spanish and Maya ancestry, or they are direct...

Volunteer Tanzania. Start on Your Life-Changing Journey!

Tanzania : Kilimanjaro

Volunteering in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, and you'll be working in a landscape full of waterfalls, coffee plantations, and banana fields. With Mount Kilimanjaro as a stunning...

Spanish Immersion Gap Year with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Costa Rica : Cartago

Soak up the Latin American culture and learn the Spanish language. Our Spanish Immersion Gap Year is specifically designed for a full language experience, all while making...

Discover Africa Gap Year Program w Cross-Cultural Solutions

Tanzania : Kilimanjaro

Africa is full of mysterious locations, hundreds of unique cultures, and an infinite amount of lessons to be learned. This gap year trip is guaranteed to enlighten, challenge...

Global Gap Year Program with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Peru : Lima

You are about to become immersed in 3 of the most culturally rich countries in the world: Peru, Tanzania, and India. In each country you will be given the opportunity to

High School Volunteer Abroad in India with CCS!

India : Dharamsala

Spend your high school volunteer abroad program in the mists of the majestic Himalayas when you volunteer to help improve education for local children or assist with the

High School Volunteer Abroad in Costa Rica with CCS

Costa Rica : Cartago

Want an brag-worthy summer experience? Volunteer in Costa Rica! You have the option to help improve education for local children, or assist with the care of children. This...

High School Volunteer Abroad in Ghana with CCS

Ghana : Accra

Explore all that Ghana has to offer when you choose a high school volunteer abroad trip to help improve education for local children or assist with the care of infants and...

High School Volunteer Abroad in Guatemala with CCS!

Guatemala : Guatemala City

In the modern Maya community of Tecpan, the former capital of Guatemala, you'll find yourself nestled in a vast and lush volcanic valley. Here you will be welcomed by the...

High School Volunteer Abroad Peru w Cross-Cultural Solutions

Peru : Lima

If there's one word that describes Peru, it's fusion. The geography ranges from mountains, coastal beaches, rainforests, and desert landscapes. Peruvian culture is a gorgeous...

Volunteer Abroad Spring Break: Guatemala, CR, or India

-Multi-Country Locations : Costa Rica, Guatemala and 1 other location , India Show less

The most impactful approach to volunteering abroad the only approach is one designed by the community. With CCS you'll do meaningful work that addresses a specific community...

Volunteer in Dharamsala. An Amazing Experience Abroad!

India : Dharamsala

India has a buzz about it, a pace and a national character all its own. The complexity that you'll find when you volunteer in India offers you an experience of incomparable...

Social Entrepreneurship & Microfinance Internships Abroad

-Multi-Country Locations : Ghana, India and 2 other locations , Peru, Tanzania Show less

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Social Entrepreneurship & Microfinance Intern, you'll develop skills in finance, marketing, and sustainable business practices through...

Volunteer in Brazil. Start Your Amazing Adventure Today...

Brazil : Salvador

Brazil has a distinct pulse, a rhythm of its own that you'll feel the moment you arrive. Whether you're playing soccer with the local kids, practicing Portuguese with new...

Volunteer in Thailand. An Amazing Experience Abroad!

Thailand : Bangkok

From pristine beaches and remote mountain communities, to floating markets and bustling cities, Thailand will take your breath away. When you volunteer in Thailand, you'll...

Volunteer in Peru. Start Your Amazing Journey Abroad!

Peru : Lima

As you explore its ancient ruins, canopied jungles, and epic coastline, you'll understand, Peru is quite literally the stuff of legend. A melting pot of Japanese, African,...

Volunteer in Ghana. You Can Make a Difference!

Ghana : Ho, Hohoe

On the west coast of Africa lies a beautiful country with expanses of wilderness and coastline: Ghana, meaning "Warrior King," is a place known for its warm national character,...

International Development & Human Rights Internships

-Multi-Country Locations : Ghana, Guatemala and 5 other locations , India, Morocco, Peru, Russia, Tanzania Show less

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) International Development and Human Rights Intern, you'll explore the roles of change agents through your work with individuals and community...

Need-Based Community-based Gerontology Internships Abroad

-Multi-Country Locations : Brazil, Guatemala and 1 other location , Peru Show less

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Community-based Gerontology Intern, you'll explore these social issues alongside your community mentor as you work at a community center...

Child Development Internships Abroad - Choose Your Country!

-Multi-Country Locations : Brazil, Costa Rica and 6 other locations , Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania Show less

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Child Development Intern, you'll work directly in a community organization, orphanage, daycare center, or school to explore the issues...

Special Education Internships Abroad - Choose Your Country!

-Multi-Country Locations : Ghana, Guatemala and 3 other locations , India, Peru, Tanzania Show less

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Special Education Intern, your work to examine and improve education will make a difference in the future of children, and will help to...

Incredible Environmental Sustainability Internships Abroad!

Brazil : Salvador

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Environmental Sustainability Intern, you'll work with communities as they make decisions to meet current needs while taking action to

Social Work Internships Abroad - Choose Your Country!

Costa Rica : Cartago

Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Social Work Interns learn about the development, implementation, and sustainability of community responses to social need. In collaboration...

Physical & Occupational Therapy Internships - Worldwide

-Multi-Country Locations : Brazil, Costa Rica and 6 other locations , Ghana, Guatemala, India, Morocco, Peru, Tanzania Show less

CCS Physical & Occupational Therapy Interns work to improve and expand services provided to the elderly, people with disabilities, and those recovering from illness or injury....

Dental Work Internships Abroad - Choose India or Peru

-Multi-Country Locations : India, Peru

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Dental Intern, you'll work alongside oral healthcare professionals to provide necessary education to adults and children while working...

Women's Health Internship Abroad - Choose Your Country

-Multi-Country Locations : Ghana, Guatemala and 1 other location , India Show less

As you work alongside your community mentor as a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Women's Health Intern, you'll provide valuable prenatal and postnatal care, education on nutrition...

Nursing Internships Abroad - Choose Your Country

-Multi-Country Locations : Brazil, Ghana and 4 other locations , Guatemala, India, Peru, Tanzania Show less

As a Cross-Cultural Solutions' (CCS) Nursing Intern, you’ll work alongside a community mentor to understand nursing issues in a global context and engage in a professional...

Public Health Internship Abroad w Cross-Cultural Solutions

-Multi-Country Locations : Brazil, Ghana and 4 other locations , Guatemala, India, Peru, Tanzania Show less

As a Public Health Intern Abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) you'll assist with community outreach programs, participatory research, and efforts to improve access...

Medical Intern Abroad Programs - Choose Your Country

-Multi-Country Locations : Ghana, Guatemala and 3 other locations , India, Peru, Tanzania Show less

As a CCS Medical Intern Abroad in a hospital, clinic, NGO, or healthcare center you'll work alongside medical professionals to observe procedures, learn new techniques, provide...

International Education Internships with CCS

Peru : Lima

As a CCS Education Intern you will work in a school or community education center, exploring the challenges and obstacles to quality education, while gaining practical, real-world...

Alumni Interviews

Staff Interviews

  • Julie Webb - Programs & Alumni Engagement Specialist

    Julie Webb - Programs & Alumni Engagement Specialist

    Julie is the Programs and Alumni Engagement Specialist at Cross Cultural Solutions. She has worked for CCS for the past two and a half years and has also volunteered in Morocco, Guatemala, India, Peru, Thailand, Ghana, and most recently Tanzania. Julie absolutely loves to travel, learn about new cultures, and is also happens to be an international studies student at NYU.

    You’ve volunteered abroad in India, Thailand, Peru, Guatemala, and Morocco. How did these experiences lead you to your role with Cross-Cultural Solutions?

    I started by volunteering in Morocco, and had such an amazing experience. I couldn’t stop thinking about volunteering and decided to do another one week program in Guatemala about a year later. There were two Cross-Cultural Solutions’ employees volunteering in Guatemala with me, and literally the first thing I said when they introduced themselves is, “I want to work for CCS”! About a month after I returned home from Guatemala, that is exactly what I did. I quit my corporate job and moved across the country to work for CCS.


Volunteer teaching English to women in Tanzania

    Julie teaching English to the women’s group in Tanzania

    What is a typical day of work like for you?

    There is no typical day! The day-to-day changes frequently. I talk to people interested in volunteering and alumni returning from their programs. I try to reach out to all alumni within the week or two after they return to talk about their experience. I am also available on live chat everyday for questions about volunteering. There really is never a dull moment as we stay connected with alumni of programs and people interested in volunteering. 

    What differentiates Cross-Cultural Solutions from all the other volunteer and intern abroad program providers out there?

    I am particularly passionate about the local model of Cross Cultural Solutions and the outstanding in country staff. They really make the programs special and become like your family when you are on a CCS program. I sought out this program because CCS is non denominational and caters to the immediate needs of the local community through in-country experts or in-country staff. The local in-country staff know what is needed in-country, and that makes the volunteer work relevant and sustainable.

    What characteristics does an ideal CCS volunteer or intern possess?

    I think the most important characteristic of a Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer or intern is to be open-minded and flexible! It is so necessary to be able to go with the flow when you are in a different culture and accept cultural differences with a sense of humor.

    I think volunteers are most successful in their volunteer assignments when they are proactive and flexible to change.

    In your opinion, what is the most interesting volunteer or intern program Cross-Cultural Solutions offers?

    Such a hard question! They are all interesting, but, if I must choose, I personally think the women’s empowerment projects are most interesting. I volunteered with women’s groups both in Dharamsala, India and in Tanzania. I have to say that these are some of my fondest memories, as I made deep connections with the women I worked with. Also, Dharamsala is such an interesting and fascinating place! It is a hill station community at the base of the Himalayas and the Tibetan refugee population lives in upper Dharamsala, just a 10 tp 15 minute taxi ride away from the Cross-Cultural Solutions home base.


Shadows of camel trek participants in Morocco

    Julie on a camel trek she took during her free time in Morocco

    How do you best prepare participants for their time abroad?

    We do as much as possible to prepare volunteers! Each volunteer works with a program specialist for their site or destination who is always available to help with the preparation process and answer questions. Volunteers also have a volunteer profile with information about their program, including cultural information, suggested books, and a language file to start practicing the local language in advance. The program specialist will also host a conference call, so everyone can connect and talk about arrival, packing, and all things before they depart. It is a really supportive and stress-free process.

    How do you help volunteers immerse in the local culture during their program?

    This is probably one of my favorite parts of the program. We have the local in-country staff to talk about cultural norms and help with immersion. The in-country staff will set up cultural learning activities throughout the week for volunteers. The activities are completely unique experiences that volunteers could not have as a tourist. For example, in Tanzania, Mama Thea, the program director, had a doctor speak with us about health concerns in Tanzania, a teacher came every few days to teach Swahili lessons, and we even had batik or cloth dying lessons one afternoon. I learned so much about the culture in Tanzania in just two weeks.


Batik making in Tanzania

    Batik making or cloth dying in Tanzania

    What are type of support do Cross-Cultural Solutions in-country staff members provide volunteers and interns upon arrival?

    The in country staff are so supportive and accommodating! We will pick Cross-Cultural Solutions’ volunteers up from the airport with a big sign and a smile. We then bring them to the home base where they will be warmly greeted and settle into their new home. Volunteers and interns will have an orientation to welcome them and talk about everything needed upon arrival. The staff is always available on site to support volunteers, answer questions, and just hang out and talk about the culture!

    Your academic background is in criminal justice, English, and global studies. How are you able to bring this knowledge to your role with CCS?

    WIth my background I am very aware and informed about both current and past global issues, so it really helps in conversation with alumni and potential volunteers. For example, many people think that Africa is unsafe and are nervous about traveling to some of our destinations in Africa. With my experience and knowledge I can explain the economic and political stability in the destinations we have programs in, and talk with them about how to travel in a smart and safe way.

    What has been your biggest achievement since joining the Cross-Cultural Solutions team?

    My biggest achievement has been the level of service I provide to alumni, enrolled volunteers, and potential volunteers. I think talking and connecting with people is one of my greatest gifts, and with extensive experience volunteering in Cross Cultural Solutions’ programs, it is a winning combination in each role I have been in at CCS.


International volunteer with local women in India

    Julie with the women’s group she taught conversational English to in India

    What type of alumni programming do you have in place to help volunteers and interns process and share their experiences?

    We have some really exciting ways for volunteers to stay connected once they have returned from our programs. One thing volunteers can do is host what we call an information session in their local community, that is open to all that are interested in volunteering. This is a great way to stay connected to Cross Cultural Solutions and meet other people that are also interested in volunteering. Alumni can also represent us on their campus, if they are students, and even put together a CCS Squad, or a group of friends to volunteer with a specific project in whichever country they choose. We have so many alumni that are references for us and love talking with potential volunteers about their experiences.

    What is the most fulfilling part of your job?

    The most fulfilling part is seeing volunteers’ lives change. I know everyone who volunteers has an impact on the local community and in turn the community changes them. I love when a potential volunteer makes the decision to just “do it”, and I’m the lucky one who gets to talk with them after they have volunteered and hear about how the program changed them. It is so energizing to talk with people about their love of the program and what they are doing with the experience once they return, since it changed everything for me too!