Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy

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10/ 10

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Worth Every Penny

The CRSMT is an amazing program! Not only do you learn how to be an experienced and skilled massage therapist, you also learn to be a happier, healthier you. It is also a 12 month program accelerated down into 4, so you get through your education in 1/3 the time. You also get to learn in an outdoor classroom! No florescent lights, not to mention the birds, squirrels, and monkeys in view during classes. It was one of the best choices I have ever made. It is worth every penny. I have been home from CRSMT for under 5 months and have established a great clientele which praises my "Unique technique."

Amazing instructors from around the United States, a curriculum that is well rounded and balanced. Not only do you learn to be an experienced and skilled massage therapist, you learn to be a healthier and happier human being.

Living Situation:
It is definitely not like living in the US. I am not a picky person so it wasn't too bad. My only real complaint was the beds and bedding. They were not very comfortable and it was very hard to get used to.

Cultural Immersion:
The school itself does not make an effort to immerse you in the local culture, but you have plenty of time to make it happen on your own. You are right in the middle of a town and there is always something to do. You can immerse yourself as much or as little as you want.