Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy

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Find Yourself In The Jungle!

The Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy (CRSMT) is the premier study abroad program in the world for massage therapy certification! This 4-month, U.S. Recognized Program, is a complete educational experience. Launch yourself into the massage therapy industry as a unique and powerful competitor with all the necessary qualifications to practice legally in the majority of the United States, and many other places on the planet!

An Awe Inspiring Place

Located on the edge of the rain forest in the remote village of Samara, Costa Rica, CRSMT boasts a spectacular campus! Beautifully designed and built for the school, this lush tropical jungle campus is less than a minute from a pristine beach. You live in charming villas on campus with fully furnished modern kitchens, wireless internet, swimming pool, cable TV, maid service, security, mango trees, howler monkeys, butterflies and much, much more!

An Incredible Journey Into the World of Bodywork

Dedicated to excellence and maintaining the tradition of massage as an art form; the education at CRSMT balances the sciences of the human body, techniques of ancient body workers, modern business strategies, and then brings it all together with an acknowledgment and celebration of the human spirit! Free from the constraints, stress and distractions of everyday life; the environment is supportive to transformation: personally, academically and professionally. Every day of the massage therapy training has been designed to support and accelerate your evolution.

The Instructors

Selected from among the very best in the world, this team of experts represents many of the most exciting and influential professionals in today's field. CRSMT instructors are specialists (experts in the area they teach), not Generalists. They are talented, seasoned and most importantly, committed to your success.

An Outstanding Education

An intense, 540 Hours, in only four months! Total Immersion! Recognized by the U.S. National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) and the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). The education at CRSMT is no cakewalk. It is a rigorous and intensive education that challenges you to be the best!

Classes include:

- Anatomy and Physiology
- Anatomy in Clay
- Aromatherapy
- Bodywork Experiential
- Business
- Ethics
- Communications
- Cranio-Sacral Therapy
- Hydrotherapy
- Integrative Massage
- Neuromuscular Therapy
- Myofascial Release
- Shiatsu
- Swedish Massage
- Thai Massage
- And much more


From the very first day of class your education is hands-on. You will be touching people every day and learning through actual experiences. After the first month, you will work an evening a week in the Samara Massage Center. This elegant and tropical professional massage center is fully-equipped and located right outside the main gate of the school. Catering to a diverse population, you will have the opportunity to (in a supervised setting) massage all kinds of people including: Costa Rican laborers, pregnant Woman, elderly citizens, children and tourists. By the time you graduate you will have provided many massages in this professional setting.

The Adventure

Living in Costa Rica for four months, going to massage school, a new culture, new friends, exploring the rain forest, discovering secluded beaches, saving baby sea turtles, surfing, salsa dancing, incredible sun sets, meditation, laughter, bike rides, sea kayaking, mango orchards, the sound of howler monkeys during your morning coffee; it is all here waiting for you!

It's Your Life

This is your life and you are considering an education that will support you in becoming an amazing massage therapist. CRSMT is a place where the very best of everything comes together to create a powerful life changing experience! Whether you are pursuing your first career, or changing things up, or finally doing something for YOU, CRSMT can help you get there!

Don't Miss Your Chance

CRSMT only accepts 20 students per class, and classes fill up fast!

No Financial Aid!

This is important. As an overseas school CRSMT students are NOT eligible for any financial aid. CRSMT does not currently offer any grants or loans. Students must be in a financial position to pay for their tuition or secure funding privately.


With early enrollment discounts, tuition for the 540-Hour Massage Therapy Certification program starts at only USD 11,500 and includes:

- Ground transportation
- A serene white sandy beach
-540-Hour massage therapy curriculum
- Anatomy in Clay" specialized musculoskeletal sculpture class
- 4 professional massages from outstanding instructors
- Student massage therapy sessions from your student peers
- Private accommodations in student villas for 124 nights with modern kitchens and housekeeping (standard double)
- Use of state of the art school equipment including massage tables, cream, charts, linens, etc.
- A 3-day trip to Nicaragua after the second quarter with luxurious accommodations included
- Graduation celebration including accommodations and dinner at a 4-star Costa Rican resort
- Pool access
- Wireless internet access on campus

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Fall, Spring, Summer, Winter, Throughout the year


ongoing 3 terms per year

Degree Level

Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate)

Minimum Education

High School

Subject Areas

  • Food Science And Nutrition
  • Kinesiology/exercise Science
  • Massage Education
  • Oriental Medicine
  • Physical Therapy

Cost in US$:

tuition starts at 11,500 with pre-enrollment incentives

Experience Required


This Program is open to

American, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African and Worldwide Participants.

Typical Living Arrangements

  • Group living
  • Other

Participants Travel


Typically Participants Work

Independently or in Groups of 20

Application Process Involves

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Letters of Reference
  • Other
  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Physical Exam/Health Records
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

1 month

Post Services Include

  • Exit Debriefing Abroad