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Economic Development & Microfinance Internships

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Me encantó!

Living in the capital of Argentina did not feel that foreign to me. I was born and raised in southern Brazil, and there were quite a few things I shared with the porteños beside a passion for mate and soccer. On the other hand, I would have not expected working there to be anything less than challenging. While I was thrilled to do a microfinance internship with an amazing local NGO, I knew I needed to work very hard to get the most out of my experience -- I was in a different country, had to speak a different language and feared the long journey I had ahead. However, I was glad to be in touch with the right people. Having Connect-123 to rely on was fundamental for me to make new friends, share experiences with a group of interns from all around the world, and feel at home in Buenos Aires.

During my internship, the NGO I worked with gave me the opportunity to learn about its microcredit programs, which assisted low-income families in the greater Buenos Aires area. My workmates were very kind, patient and welcoming, and some of my duties included interviewing women interested in applying for microloans; offering assistance during training sessions; and discussing investment strategies with local entrepreneurs. I also had to communicate exclusively in Spanish, which turned out to be a fun and rewarding experience.

Argentina gave me the chance to learn much about myself and my role as a professional and a global citizen, and these are lessons I will never forget. As I look back, I feel grateful for everything I learned over the past summer and better prepared to build on my knowledge about economic development as a set of tools used to fight poverty.