CISabroad participants CISabroad participants

January Embassy Studies: France, Morocco, Belgium


Belgium: Brussels
France: Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Paris
Morocco: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier




January 2 - January 17

Degree Level


Subject Areas

  • Anthropology
  • Conflict Studies
  • Culture
  • International Relations
  • Political Science & Politics

Cost in US$:

Contact CISabroad for details

Program Fees Include:

- Tuition and fees
- Housing and some meals
- Medical and accident insurance
- CISabroad support before, during, and after the program
- Academic advising
- Financial aid counseling
- Assistance with travel arrangements
- Pre-departure orientation
- On-site orientation
- All program-related travel (except round-trip airfare from the US)
- IAU College official transcript
- Carbon offset of travel

Experience Required


This Program is open to

American and Canadian Participants.

Typical Living Arrangements

  • Apartment/Flat
  • Dormitory

Scholarships are Available

Grants (Automatically Awarded):

* CISabroad Early Bird Grant: You will automatically receive USD 100 off if you apply by Sep 23rd for a spring semester program or December 31st for a fall semester program!

* CISabroad CPA (Cooperating Partner Alliance) Grant:
Automatically receive USD 250 off a semester program or USD 100 off a summer or short-term program if your school is an affiliate. Please check list at CISabroad website.

* CISabroad Bring a Friend Grant:
You and your friend receive USD 250 for a semester program or USD 100 for a summer, short-term or internship program.

* CISabroad Go Again Grant:
Got the travel bug and want to go again on another CISabroad program? Get USD 250 off a semester or USD 100 off a summer program.

* CISabroad Diversity Abroad Grant, CIS Gilman Grant, CIS Golden Key Grant:
If you receive a Diversity Abroad scholarship, Gilman Grant, or Golden Key Award for your CISabroad program, we'll give you an additional USD500 grant, just to say congrats!

For all of the following scholarships, Please be sure to fill out the CIS scholarship application form by May 1 for a fall program, November 1 for a Spring Program, or May 1 For a summer program. Please visit CISabroad website.

* CISabroad Leadership Scholarship:
Receive USD 250- USD 500 off a semester program or USD 100-USD 200 off a summer program

* CISabroad Photo Journalist Scholarship
Receive USD 100 off plus a digital camera for semester or summer program

* CISabroad Correspondent Scholarship (semester programs only)
Receive USD 500-USD 1,000 off for blogging regularly about your experience overseas

* CISabroad Green Scholarship
Receive USD 250-USD 500 off a semester or USD 100-USD 200 off a summer program for volunteering in an eco-friendly capacity and presenting on your experience while back home

Please check CISabroad website for a more up to date info.

Application Process Involves

  • Essay
  • Online Application
  • Transcript

Typically The Application Process Time is

48 hours