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CIEE January Spanish in Guanajuato, Mexico

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Exciting, inspiring, fulfilling, colorful, and short

I went out alone one night to a street concert that was taking place about 30 minutes (walking) from my host family's home. On my way there, I cut through the very lively garden in the center of town - El JardIn de la Union. A young guy sitting on a bench invited me to take a photograph of him, so I did. He then asked me to sit down. He offered me his tequila, contained in a large, white soda cup with a straw. I declined several times. He carried a guitar, so I asked him to play me a song, and he did - with drunken eyes and words selected just for me. He told me that morenas have sabor, and that they sing well. I wasn't that morena who sang well, but Diego insisted that I sing. I assured him that I could not and did not sing well, but he told me that it was in my blood, en mi sangre. Though I tried to convince him, he told me that my lips were perfect for singing. “No puedo cantar, I said, to which he responded, “pues, si no cantas, te beso.” We both laughed. I then said goodbye to Diego and continued on.

I studied abroad in the spring semester of my junior year and really wanted another opportunity to practice my Spanish. A January term was the best option for studying abroad again and finishing my studies on time. A quick Google search for a "January term Spanish program" brought me to CIEE's January term in Guanajuato, Mexico. After reading blogs and different pages about Guanajuato, I was even more convinced that this was an opportunity worth taking.