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CIEE Arts and Sciences Program in Tokyo, Japan

Overall Rating

5/ 10

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CIEE Sophia University - Tokyo, Japan Program

Initially, the program was exciting and fun. However, the program coordinators in Tokyo constantly treat the students like mindless children, and over the entire course of the program I noticed the Tokyo coordinators withhold important information from students and then spring it upon them at the last minute. This is a good program, but if I could tell any future CIEE Tokyo students something, it would be to constantly be aware of what CIEE is doing and be aware of the unexpected. Also, if you are doing a host family, hopefully you get a good family because CIEE will NOT work with you at all. They just ask to talk about it with you, and then the entire "talk" is making YOU feel like you did something wrong and you should feel bad and change in order to make the housing situation better. Long story short, be prepared for anything and don't expect much of any help from the staff for really important stuff. But if you need info on where the cheapest hair saloons are, CIEE Tokyo staff is the way to go!