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China: Guilin


Join the Chinese Language Institute (CLI) and learn Chinese through one-on-one training, constant interaction and complete immersion. Located in the beautiful southern city of Guilin and officially affiliated with Guangxi Normal University, CLI delivers highly effective intensive Mandarin, study abroad, China study tour, and Teach in China options.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable study abroad experience, the fast track to Chinese fluency or the tools necessary to successfully operate in China's complex marketplace, CLI is the perfect fit.

In its 2012 China travel guide, Frommer's made the following endorsement of CLI: "We recommend the Chinese Language Institute in Guilin as one of the best places in the country to work on your Mandarin skills."

China now boasts the worlds second largest economy, a staggering one-fifth of earth's people and humanity's most spoken language. Whether you are looking for an unforgettable study abroad experience, the fast track to learn Mandarin or the tools necessary to successfully operate in China's diverse marketplace, CLI is the perfect fit. We warmly welcome you to study in China with CLI!


CLI Abroad

The Chinese Language Institute's Study Abroad Program was designed to guarantee immersion within the language learning environment.

Your Gain
* Complete immersion in Chinese and culture.
* All students attend one and a half hours per day with one-on-one instructor. Intensive program provides four and a half daily hours of one-on-one instruction.
* Courses include intensive speaking, writing, reading, listening, idiomatic expressions, and more.
* Full enrollment with CLI's affiliate, Guangxi Normal University (includes up to 20 hours per week of Chinese language and culture courses).
* GXNU electives include: listening, reading, spoken and written Chinese courses in the traditional classroom setting, as well as dance lessons, traditional Chinese art, Kung Fu, Tai Ji, Yoga, and many more.
* Option of integrated housing with two Chinese graduate students (all students are provided with a private single bedroom in a three bedroom apartment that includes full western amenities).
* Comprehensive orientation for all international students (crash courses in Chinese language and culture for beginners).
* Every student level from pure beginner to highly advanced is uniquely accommodated to fit individual academic and professional pursuits.
* HSK (official Chinese proficiency test for non-native speakers) preparation courses available.
* Opportunities to teach English part-time at the grade school or university level (great resume builder!).

College Credit

As the Chinese Language Institute is officially affiliated with Guangxi Normal University (GXNU), CLI offers college credit for all coursework completed while in Guilin. Over 150 international universities have accepted GXNU transfer credit.

10 Overall Experience

Life changing

One of my best experiences with language learning. At first I was somewhat apprehensive but CLI had us well prepared before departure. I enjoyed myself greatly and the staff made sure our trip was uneventful. We went to multiple sites, interacted with students from various backgrounds and had time for daily lessons.

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