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About Child Family Health International

Year Founded: 1992

Child Family Health International offers community-based global health education programs for health science students and institutions. Our unique model promotes mutual partnerships and empowerment in local communities, changing perspective about self, health, and global citizenship. We work at more than 20 sites in seven countries with over 250 partners and have enrolled students from about 35 countries, with more than 7,000 alumni.

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Primary Care & Social Medicine in Cordoba, Argentina

Argentina : Cordoba

Spend time at different hospitals and clinics in Cordoba, Argentina's second largest city, in a volunteering program from Child Family Health International. Located at the...

Exploring HIV & Maternal/Child Health in Kabale, Uganda

Uganda : Kabale

Complete a medical rotation in Kabale, Uganda, and become part of the community and learn about their ground-breaking integrated approach to addressing and improving maternal...

Intensive Beginner Spanish and Healthcare in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Participants on this program will increase linguistic and cultural competency and gain specific skills in the Spanish language. With a focus on gaining a grasp of health

Intensive Beginner Spanish and Healthcare in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico : Oaxaca

Take part in the Intensive Beginner Spanish & Healthcare program offered by Child Family Health International in Oaxaca, Mexico. The program is ideal for individuals who

Realities of Health Access and Inequities in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico : Oaxaca

Explore a different culture and way of life while learning about Mexico's healthcare system through clinical rotation in this program from Child Family Health International....

Rural/Urban Himalayan Rotation, India

India : Dehra Dun, Mussoorie

The Child Family Health International Rural and Urban Himalayan Rotation provides students a unique opportunity to study various diseases in clinical environments that represent...

Maternal and Child Health in Pune, India

India : Pune

In India, an estimated 136,000 mothers and 2.5 million children die every year, most often due to causes that are preventable or easily treatable. In order to keep its commitment...

Amazon Community and Indigenous Health, Ecuador

Ecuador : Puyo, Quito

Learn about challenges in healthcare services for rural communities of the world, such as the town of Puyo on the border of the Amazon. Students will learn about the issues...

Reproductive Health in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

The Child Family Health International Reproductive Health program in Ecuador gives students the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations that are focused on reproductive...

Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia : La Paz

Students have the chance to explore and become immersed in the local language and vibrant culture of Bolivia, with this health development opportunity. Volunteers will spend...

Intensive: Two-Week Hospital Medicine in Latin America

Argentina : Cordoba

Located at the tip of South America, Argentina is the second largest country in Latin America. It is famous for its European-inspired cities, tourist sites, and gastronomy....

Nutrition, Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture

Uganda : Kabale

Become a part of the community in Kabale, a town in southwestern Uganda, and learn about their ground breaking integrated approach to addressing “The Bread Basket Paradox”...

Palliative Care in Southern India

India : Trivandrum

This placement offers volunteers the unique opportunity to work with the well established, Dr. Rajagopal, caring for patients with terminal illness, in a developing environment....

Dentistry and Oral Health in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Experience dentistry and pre-dentistry practices in a developing environment, providing assistance and care for the community in Quito, Ecuador. This program facilitates

Tropical Medicine and Community-Based Care on the Coast of Mexico

Mexico : Puerto Escondido

This placement has previously been known as the Tropical Medicine and Rural Health program and is ran by Child Family Health International (CFHI). Participants have the chance...

HIV/AIDS and Healthcare in Durban, South Africa

South Africa : Durban

Experience Durban, the heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal province in South Africa. Child Family Health International is proud to have operated this excellent program in collaboration...

Hospital Medicine in Coastal Ghana

Ghana : Cape Coast

Immerse yourself in a beautiful Ghanaian city while learning about the countrys approach to providing healthcare services to its citizens. Program participants will gain...

Child Health & Social Determinants

Ghana : Cape Coast

Join this program and get the chance to witness firsthand how medical professionals in the historic Children's Hospital in Accra provide care in a resource-poor environment....

Intensive: 2- week Public Health & Community Medicine

India : Delhi

Take part in the Global Health Intensive Program offered by CFHI. You will be based in Delhi, the worlds second most populous city. The program offers public health

Intensive: Two-Week HIV and Maternal/Child Health

Uganda : Kabale

Take part in the Global Health Intensive Program offered by CFHI in Kabale, a town located in southwestern Uganda. Participants will take part in a survey program that will...

Intensive: 2-week Health Access & Inequities

Mexico : Oaxaca

Take part in the Global Health program in Oaxaca offered by CFHI. Program participants will learn about preventative medicine and primary care. They will also learn about...

Intensive: Two-Week Tropical Medicine and Community Health

Mexico : Puerto Escondido

Previously called the Tropical Medicine and Rural Health program, the program is run by Child Family Health International (CFHI). Participants get the chance to learn about...

Sexual Health as a Human Right: Ecuador's Unique Model

Ecuador : Quito

Join the Ecuadorian nonprofit organization Copprende to promote knowledge about sexual and reproductive health in the city of Quito. Ecuador is one of the few Latin American...

Healthcare Challenges in South Africa, Cape Town

South Africa : Cape Town (Kaapstad)

Experience firsthand the healthcare challenges facing South Africa where, under the Apartheid regime, the vast majority of people had limited or non-existent healthcare until...

Medical Internship: UC Davis Quarter Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mexico : Oaxaca

This particular program is made possible through a collaboration with the University of California at Davis. Any University of California student is eligible to apply for...

Women's Reproductive Health in Mexico

Mexico : Puerto Escondido

The Child Family Health International Women's Reproductive Health in Mexico program takes place in Puerto Escondido, a small seaside town in the state of Oaxaca. In this

Sight for All-Ophthalmology Rotation in New Delhi, India

India : New Delhi

Through Child Friendly Health International's Sight for All Program, students can join one such organization in its effort to reduce preventable visual handicaps. Unlike

Introduction to Traditional Medicine in India

India : Dehra Dun, Rishikesh

Organized by Child Friendly Health International, the Introduction to Traditional Medicine program gives students the opportunity to learn about the traditional and indigenous...

Andean Health in Quito, Ecuador

Ecuador : Quito

Experience the rich culture and history of Ecuador's vibrant capital city while learning about the healthcare challenges facing the region. One of Child Family Health International's...

Urban and Rural Comparative Health, Ecuador

Ecuador : Chone, Quito

Get to know more about the urban and rural health care systems of Ecuador through clinical rotation. This will highlight the differences of healthcare services in the two...

Doing More With Less- Healthcare in Remote Southern Bolivia

Bolivia : Rural Areas, Tarija

The Chagas program in Bolivia of Child Family Health International gives students the opportunity to gain diverse knowledge on an infectious disease that is a major cause...

Public Health and Community Medicine in India

India : Alwar, Delhi and 1 other city , Jaipur Show less

Child Family Health International offers a unique program that combines interactions and discussions with the senior public health professionals with clinical work at government...

Confronting Tropical Disease Challenges in Mumbai, India

India : Mumbai

Contribute to community health care services in India, and gain insight into the health care challenges affecting the tropical and coastal Mumbai (Bombay), India. Program...