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Preschool/Kindergarten/First Grade Bilingual Program

Overall Rating

7/ 10

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Infantil IV/Kindergarten Teacher

I taught Infantil IV at Centro Educacional Leonardo da Vinci for two years.

The Bi-lingual team there is great. If you need any help creating lesson plans or with coming up with ideas, there is a lot of support. There are also always all the materials you need (except for things that aren't available in Brazil, like flat coffee filters).

The work day is long, and there are not many breaks. For me that meant that I didn't have much energy for social life or going out except for on the weekends.
There is not very much preparation time, and that means you will spend a lot of your personal time preparing your materials. (That is pretty normal for us teachers!)

This job is exhausting and challenging and rewarding. This is not a teaching position for someone who wants to use teaching abroad as a chance to travel. This is a teaching position for someone whose first priority is teaching.

Also, beware of the visa process. It is a thousand-step head ache, but the school will help to make it as easy as possible. Do all the paperwork well in advance. Also be aware that the contract is for two years and the school will expect you to honor it.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I made great friends with teachers there, and learned a lot. I would recommend it for experienced and dedicated Kindergarten or English teachers, especially those who already have a background in Portuguese.