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Central College Abroad Summer: Outdoor Pursuits in Bangor, Wales

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Study Abroad in Wales!

I was one of those students who had never gone outside of their comfort zone, not really knowing what the world had to offer. Signing up for the Wales study abroad trip, through Central College in Iowa, turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Being tested physically, mentally, and emotionally was the best part of the Outdoor pursuit adventures- because you learn so much about yourself and the group you're with. You learn how to get along and motivate others who have different personalities, different expectations, different strengths and weaknesses. Your communication skills are tested, which will help you in the future. Outside of the Outdoor Pursuits, the scenery we saw and the trips we went on were incredible. The Dublin, Ireland weekend was my favorite. If you're a person who likes outdoor adventures, beautiful scenery, and desires a truly unforgettable experience, the Bangor, Wales program is the choice for you!

The experiential learning we had in our Outdoor Pursuits classes and on our (field) trips were more beneficial than any classroom work we could of had.

Living Situation:
In the summer program, we stayed in an apartment flat on the campus of Bangor University. It was a great setup because our group of 7 each had their own rooms and bathrooms, and we shared a living space and kitchen area. Our living situation allowed us to be alone if we wanted to, but also provided an environment to become closer as a group.

Cultural Immersion:
Even though most Bangor students were away for the summer, the cultural immersion was very good. We experienced many things that we couldn't have anywhere else in the world, such as the trips we went on, the beautiful scenery there, the ancient castles, the welsh culture, surfing and sea level traversing on the Irish Sea, visiting Snowdonia, etc.

It was great to have the ability to see things from another point of view, from another culture's view. The whole trip was an eye-opening experience. It allowed me to better appreciate what I have as well as truly respect different cultures and places in the world.

Program Administration:
The whole program, from beginning to end, was managed very well. Whitney, from Central College's Abroad team, answered any questions I had in applying for the study abroad program, what to expect when traveling, things to bring, etc. Tecwyn, our Wales resident director, was great having on-site. He was so fun to travel with during our excursions. He taught my program-mates and me about the different towns and cultures we visited. He wanted us to have the best experience we possibly could, and he definitely accomplished that. Sally and Sadie, our two 'Outdoor Pursuit' instructors, were amazing as well. The blend of going outside our comfort zones with having fun and laughing a lot made it an unforgettable study abroad experience. Thank you Central and program instructors!