English Teaching Program in Shenzhen, China

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China: Shenzhen

Length of Position: One academic year (and renewable)


Spend a year teaching English conversation in a school in Shenzhen - China's economic miracle adjacent to Hong Kong. This vibrant city of ten million has modern housing, a warm climate, and a top-rated public school system. Learn Mandarin Chinese and gain a year's experience in one of the world's most important and most interesting cultures. 150 places are available. This experienced, successful, government program is entering its fifteenth year and is the only such program in China. Participants have come from throughout the USA, and also from Canada, Australia, Ireland and the UK, are graduates of more than 180 colleges and universities, and range in age from early 20s to late 50s.

Program Description:
- Three-week intensive courses during August in China
- in Chinese language (4 levels; the beginning course requires no prior study of Chinese)
- in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (with supervised practice classroom teaching) - earn a well-recognized TEFL in China Certificate
- Housing (air-conditioned, double occupancy) and tours are included
- train ticket for travel to Shenzhen with the group
- Teach English speaking and listening, maximum of 15 classes (45-minutes each) per week,
- in Shenzhen junior/senior high school or elementary school where you will be a faculty member (September to June 15)
- Continue your study of Mandarin Chinese with courses in Shenzhen, which is a Mandarin-speaking city and therefore is particularly well-suited for learning Chinese


Excellent training and excellent support in a modern, important city.
This well-organized, government-sponsored program is the only one like it in China. It provides you with on-site coordinators, language classes that continue in Shenzhen, and a faculty position in the excellent schools of China's most successful Special Economic Zone, adjacent to Hong Kong. The three-week intensive training in Chinese language and in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (with TEFL in China Certificate) prepares you for a successful, productive, and interesting year. Continue your study of Mandarin Chinese with courses in Shenzhen.

What you receive:
* 6,500 RMB per month (approximately USD 1,000), September through June 15.
* Free faculty housing in Shenzhen, individual apartment with air conditioning, bathroom, telephone, television, utilities and internet access.
* Some meals are provided
* Couples are welcome
* Paid 3-week vacation during Chinese New Year in January/February, plus national holidays in October and May
* Vacation travel bonus of 4,000 RMB (approximately USD 600) at end of contract.
* Roundtrip airline ticket is reimbursed

English Teaching Methods course (with TEFL in China Certificate) and Chinese course in August
* Housing (air-conditioned, double-occupancy) and tours during the training in August.
* Train ticket for group travel from Beijing to Shenzhen
* Visa and work permit for China
* Internet access in Shenzhen in your apartment or at your school Entry visa and work permit for China


- Native speaker of English in USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand
- College degree
- Excellent health (lots of stairs and few elevators!)
- The program includes training, so teaching experience and/or prior study of Chinese are NOT required.

Minimum Education



  • English

Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching

  • English


730 per month (Sept. - June 15); free housing and utilities; travel bonus

Experience Required


This Program is open to

American, Australian and Canadian Participants.

Participants Travel

in Groups

Application Process Involves

  • Phone/Video Interview
  • Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

2 to 6 weeks

Post Services Include

  • Alumni Network