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Semester in India, explore the Northern Plains and Himalayas

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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More than non-regrettable

I have yet to provide a review for my experience with CDE because it feels like one of those things that cannot really be articulated - like when a moment is so sweet that your camera could never really do it justice. Regardless of these limitations, CDE definitely deserves a good one.

It's funny because I can so clearly remember looking through the reviews for the India program, and CDE in general on this website before I chose to participate. And here I am now, writing my own. So what was it that I was looking for in the reviews? What did I want to know? Would this actually be as exciting, adventurous and rewarding as it sounds? What happens if the food is too spicy for me to eat? Will I be sleeping for three months on cold ashram floors? Will I become a chai connoisseur? Will I meet a guru? Will I become enlightened? How long will my armpit hair be when I come back? Do only weird people do this sort of program?

I won't provide the answers to these questions, because thats the beauty of experiencing this adventure for yourself. But I can promise you, this adventure is more than non-regrettable - it will change your life.

*here's some photos that can't quite do these sweet moments justice