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Central America - Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Roatan

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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  • Social Life


Mentors that care

This experience was amazing because of the mentors that took me to these countries. Carpe Diem Education makes sure the absolute best people are the ones leading the trip. Ben and Jess are my biggest role models and inspired me throughout the entire trip. Jess continues to brighten my life and email me monthly to let me know that I am cared about. Ben was my main friend on this trip that I could just hang out with and slackline between two trees when travel was making me anxious. The mentors on my trip are two people that are really confident in who they are as people and truly believe that travel will change you. Jess and Ben made me think, act and be a different person without even trying. Without Carpe Diem, and the amazing people they have lead these trips, I would not be continuing to travel. Jess inspired me to travel as much as I can, and now I can confidently say I am going to Thailand and Spain in 2016-2017 knowing that my mentors helped me get there.