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That one teacher moment

During the summer, I was an English Language Coach with Camp Adventure. It was finally my first opportunity to get some real hands on overseas experience while working with kids and having an amazing time. In the first week, I found myself teaching in a beginner English workshop with some of the most enthusiastic kids I've ever met. However there was one that kid that stood out, he was quite reserved and quiet. At times, it was like trying to pull teeth to get this particular child to speak at all let alone in English. Somehow by the end of the week, he was enjoying myself so much that I almost had to find ways to control his excitement. He was loving life in this English workshop I was teaching. At the end of the week, the camp handed out camp awards - for example: camp clown, Mr. Brightside, and of course most improved in English. This kid in my workshop, received this award for most improved and he could not have been happier. He was on cloud 9, to the point where I was almost brought to tears. I couldn't contain the pride I was feeling towards this kid.

Lots of teachers talking about having that one teacher moment where things just go so right you can't even believe it. Seeing his radiant smile on his face, was my teacher moment.