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Group Leader - Homestay Program in England & Malta

Overall Rating

7/ 10

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Bournemouth 2015

The school and administration were extremely unorganized. Many things were left to the last minute or took very long to complete. I feel some of these things could easily have been dealt with to save lots of people time and stress, for example, my very first day arriving at the school after missing 7 kids during the pick-up route, my partner and I submitted a sheet with all the students names to the office so that they could help us locate them. About an hour later of trying to call host-families, an office member came out to tell me that those students wouldn't be arriving in England until later that night. None of the student information papers in my package told me that some students would arrive late. I also feel as though the schedule that we follow was a little too over-packed. We were constantly on the move and barely had enough time to complete certain things since the schedule didn't take into account external factors that affected our travel time. Overall though, the way the school is run makes me feel as though there is more importance put on making money rather than providing a good curriculum and experience to the students.
With that said, my overall experience was absolutely amazing. For the most part, the other orange leaders both international and German were great and both student groups I had were well behaved and a pleasure to take care of. I had one completely international group, and another group that was majority German. While both groups were great, I did enjoy my time with the international group more because there was more interaction in English amongst the students as well as with myself, whereas with the most of the students being German in the other group as well as having German co-leaders, there was a lot of interaction in German which was frustrating and led to some of the other non-German students to feel left out. Both host families I had were lovely as well, the only thing about the host-families is that I wish they were all closer to Bournemouth centre especially since I was actually in the next town, Poole.