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Camp Europe - Summer Camp Counselor Placements

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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It is tough but rewarding to be a camp counselor

Working at Camp Europe represented a completely new challenge for me, I was seeking for new experiences and I definitely got it here. Long and exhausting journeys became part of my routines, from 7:30 in the morning until mid-night sometimes, it makes you feel useful and it will definitely challenge your strength. After living in four different countries I thought it would be normal for me to be out of the comfort zone, but living in the camp was something completely different, the charge of work, the type of food, being unconnected with the world ( not having internet access), or even not having time to call your family or in some cases not having time for showering, it definitely changed my way of thinking. It was once in a lifetime experience which allow me to learn a lot about myself. The team work and the sense of authority were my biggest challenges. The best part of my days was the time I spend with those amazing kids and the development of projects. This month at Camp Europe challenged myself in all the ways possible, I struggled, I learnt from my mistakes (hope so) and I got to be a better human being.