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About CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects

Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects (CADIP) has been promoting peace and supporting civil society development. The non-profit organization aims to build understanding in multi-cultural and multi-ethnic locations. CADIP is open to enthusiastic, motivated, and open-minded participants who wants to contribute for a good cause.

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Community development and education in Saptari

Nepal : Rural Areas

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers volunteering opportunities in Community Development and Education in rural areas of Nepal. The organization...

Christmas camp for children in Tanzania

Tanzania : Kilimanjaro

Schools in Tanzania have a long holiday during the month of December until early January. In particular, in Kilimanjaro region, children living outside the region go back...

Building and installing energy saving stoves in Kilimanjaro

Tanzania : Kilimanjaro

Over the last two years, this project from the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects has been organized in partnership with communities on the slopes...

Social integration and support for mentally disabled people

Belgium : Brussels

This Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects program is organized in collaboration with a center for people battling mental disability. The center is committed...

Celebrate Summer Solstice in the Aymara communities of Chile

Chile : Iquique

In the month of December, the ancient Andean culture celebrates the Summer Solstice. This is a very important month in the peasant agricultural cycle because of the beginning...

Volunteer in an Orphanage in Pretoria

South Africa : Pretoria

Help provide support and care to orphans and improve their emotional situations and their level of acceptance through daily routines at an orphanage in Centurion, Pretoria...

Support Development Projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Ecuador : Morona Santiago

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is seeking volunteers for development projects in the Ecuadorian Amazon. The Amazon hosts communities and ecological...

Bring Joy and Happiness to Orphan Children in Manila

Philippines : Manila

Share your time with underprivileged children of Manila. This project will give volunteers the opportunity to spend a quality time with children living in orphanages. Volunteers...

Rehabilitation of the Rice Terraces of the Cordilleras

Philippines : Manila

Have you ever wondered how living in a traditional village in the mountain looks like? This project is designed to help the indigenous people of Ifugao maintain and implement...

Support the programs and operation of an educational farm

Belgium : Liege

The farm in Stoumont, located in the heart of the Belgian Ardennes, welcomes groups and individuals for farm visits, environmental education sessions, bird-watching tours,...

Children's Rights Project

Argentina : Mar Del Plata

Volunteer in Argentina through a program that focuses on promoting and disseminating the principles that define the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Volunteers can...

Rebuilding ChanChan-the Largest City in PreColumbian America

Peru : Trujillo

Chan Chan is the largest pre-Columbian city in the Americas and also the largest adobe city in the world. It was the capital city of the Kingdom of the Chimor - the largest...

Reykjavik Arts Festival

Iceland : Reykjavik

Reykjavik, a city full of vigor, hosts one of Europe's oldest and most recognized multi-disciplinary arts festivals. It has accommodated a large number of international and...

Planting Trees and Essential Oil Plants in Borgarfjordur

Iceland : Borgarnes

Volunteers in this Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects will live on a farm in the West of Iceland and will support the farm family in their ongoing...

Renovation of an old farm in the south of Iceland

Iceland : Reykjavik

Help renovate an old farm in the south of Iceland and transform it into a guesthouse. Volunteer duties include cleaning the area, tearing down old fences and fixing newer...

Provide care and activities for children in a Rabat hospital

Morocco : Rabat

Looking for something new and different that will challenge and change you? Join us on a mission to support a hospital in Rabat, the capital of Morocco. This is an opportunity...

Building a Traditional Stone Wall in Beauvallon

France : Valence

The small town of Beauvallon in southeastern France will be the host of an international volunteer project this summer. Enthusiastic volunteers will help maintain and enhance...

Enhancement of Terraced Gardens in Limousin

France : Limoges

The charming town of Châteauponsac welcomes this summer a group of volunteers from all over the world to help with the preservation and enhancement of its heritage. The

Teaching English and Renovating a School in Indonesia

Indonesia : Yogyakarta

Volunteer in Indonesia through the program offered by CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. You can get involved in renovating a school and

Organizing the World Environment Day in Puebla

Mexico : Puebla

Participate in organizing the World Environment Day in different high schools and elementary schools in Puebla by facilitating environmental education workshops. During the...

Environmental protection and conservation of the Black River

Peru : Pucallpa

Aid in creating awareness, fostering a love for nature, and advocating the preservation of some of the most attractive places in the Padre Abad province of Peru. Volunteers...

Help Run the Most Popular Icelandic Festival, Westman Island

Iceland : Hveragerdi

Travel to Iceland and volunteer to help run the most popular festival in Iceland with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. This is the tenth time...

Renovating a volunteer center at the Arctic Circle

Iceland : Husavik

Join the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects on a volunteer adventure in the farthest north of Iceland. Volunteers will help with the renovation, painting,...

Education, Care and Support for Orphans in Rural Uganda

Uganda : Wakiso

Work in an orphanage at the Wakiso district of Central Uganda. The orphanage provides shelter and care for a network of abandoned and orphaned children in rural areas. Some...

Rehabilitation of War-Devastated Communities in Uganda

Uganda : Gulu

The aim of the program is to rehabilitate communities in Northern Uganda that were affected by the Kony war in the past decades. The region is now secure, and reconstruction...

Promoting a Culture of Non-Violence and Peace in Togo

Togo : Kpalime (Palime)

Help promote peace and non-violence among Togolese communities. Volunteers come up with strategies for an awareness campaign, and help develop interactive methods and tools...

Providing Recreation and Social Opportunities for Children

Togo : Kpalime (Palime)

Join the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects this summer in a rewarding program for building a playground for and promoting the social development

Renovation and maintenance of bike trails in Skalafell

Iceland : Reykjavik

Engage in a project with the city of Reykjavik to improve the Bike Trail network in Skálafell, a volcanic mountain. Skálafell is one of the main skiing areas in the capital...

Help Organize the Inc'Rock Music Festival

Belgium : Louvain-la-Neuve

The Inc'Rock Festival is a very popular and widely attended music event that takes place annually in the south of Belgium and features rock, urban, hip hop and French music,...

Developing an Eco-farm and Training Center for Orphans

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

International volunteers are invited this summer to help improve an orphanage's vegetable farm at Buhug River. The farming methods currently in use are not very efficient...

Developing a Summer Farm Camp for Orphan Children

Mongolia : Ulaanbaatar

As a volunteer in this project, you can help develop a summer camp for orphan children in Mongolia. Volunteers' help is needed in construction tasks at the camp, including...

Teach Children and Raise Health Awareness in Kolkata

India : Kolkata (Calcutta)

The project will involve teaching basic English and Mathematics, Health and Hygiene, and Environmental protection to children from poor and marginalized communities in the...

Renovating a Volunteer Center and Chasing the Aurora

Iceland : Hveragerdi

By joining this project, you can help renovate a volunteer center in the East of Iceland and thus support the volunteer programs in the country. The specific tasks will depend...

Creating a Better Learning Environment for Kindergarten Kids

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Rural Areas

As a volunteer in this project, you can lend a hand at the largest kindergarten in Tan Hoi rural area of Tay Ninh province serving 326 children. The majority of the teaching...

Intercultural Learning Program for Students

South Korea : Gwang Ju

Alternative schools are a distinct part of South Korea's educational system. These schools focus on eco-farming education, independency, peace, and foreign languages. The...

Happiness for the Poor in the Lunar New Year's Days

Vietnam : Hanoi

Vietnamese Lunar New Year, more commonly known as Tet, is the most important and traditional holiday in Vietnam. Vietnamese people prepare for Tet by cooking special holiday...

Organic Farming with Residents of an Alternative Community

South Korea : Gyeonggi

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers an organic farming volunteering project in a small village in South Korea. Sanan Village is an idealistic...

Saga Festival in South Iceland

Iceland : Reykjavik

Volunteers in this project will support the organization of an Icelandic music and arts festival called Saga Fest. The volunteer tasks will focus on building, art, and sustainability....

Teaching and Counseling Students in Rift Valley Province

Kenya : Nairobi

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers a volunteering placement in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. Volunteers will work alongside teachers...

Help Children Learn Conversational English

Turkey : Istanbul

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects organizes annual teaching projects in the city of Can in Turkey with students from different schools to practice...

Support for Disabled Children on Bali Island

Indonesia : Bali

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers a volunteering opportunity in Indonesia where volunteers will support a school for disabled children....

Volunteer on an Animal Farm in South Iceland

Iceland : Hella

Volunteers from around the world will have the opportunity to be part of the Icelandic farm life and work through this project. They will have the chance to enjoy the outdoors,...

Teach English and Bring Christmas Joy to Orphans in Vietnam

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

The volunteers in this project will work in two orphanages in Ho Chi Minh City. The first one is a shelter for boys in one of the poorest districts in Ho Chi Minh City.

Help Improve the Lives of Disabled Children in Vietnam

Vietnam : Hanoi

With this project, we support the Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped Children, located in the small town of Son Tay not far from the capital Hanoi. 150 children, ages

Organic Gardening Project in Support of Agent Orange Victims

Vietnam : Hanoi

International volunteers come together to lend a hand in the treatment and care center for Agent Orange victims near Hanoi in Vietnam in a program from the Canadian Alliance...

Photo Marathon in Iceland

Iceland : Reykjavik

Volunteers have the opportunity to explore environmental issues, peace and intercultural understanding in a series of Photo Marathons in Iceland. The project aims to send...

Cultural Exchange and Teaching Life Skills to Orphans

Kenya : Nairobi

Join us for an exciting volunteer opportunity to promote intercultural exchange, reduce communication barriers and promote peace and understanding between people of diverse...

Support for Orphan Children and Elderly People in Hoa Binh

Vietnam : Hanoi

Bring your motivation and experience to a meaningful program in support of a governmental Social welfare center in Hoa Binh Province, where we provide social and educational...

Forestry and Trailbuilding in North Iceland's Countryside

Iceland : Akureyri

Work alongside farmers at a traditional farm in northern Iceland. Also plant trees and construct hiking paths in a nearby forest while getting in touch with nature and assisting...

Volcano Adventure in Iceland

Iceland : Rural Areas

This is an incredible opportunity for volunteers who are passionate about the environment to help construct a hiking trail on the exquisitely beautiful Blue Mountains in

Counseling, Therapy and Education for Maasai Children

Kenya : Rural

Motivated volunteers are needed to support a Children's Care Center in Kajiado in the Rift Valley province of Kenya. The Center cares for orphans and children with disabilities...

Organizing Art Workshops for Disabled People in Istanbul

Turkey : Istanbul

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives offers a volunteering opportunity for a project that supports a center for socially disadvantaged individuals and persons...

Teaching English to Village Women

Turkey : Izmir

Help empower women by volunteering at the Ulamis village located in Western Anatolia. Volunteers will be working with women who are taking various courses and trainings.

Growing Flowers and Trees for the Gardens of Reykjavik

Iceland : Reykjavik

Volunteer in Iceland supporting a Gardening station run by the municipality of Reykjavik. The main role of the station is maintaining native plant species and growing flowers,...

Promoting Voluntarism through Journalism and Photography

Iceland : Reykjavik

Volunteer in Iceland while capturing the radiant beauty of the country! Be involved in Journalism and Photography in the capital city of Iceland, Reykjavik. The program...

Renovation & Art Activities in Reykjavik and the Countryside

Iceland : Reykjavik

The Art and Renovation project in Reykjavik has two major activities. The volunteers will help renovate an old farmhouse in the outskirts of Reykjavik, 15 km away from the...

Run a Hostel in Monte Barro Regional Park, Milan

Italy : Milan

Spend 3 months in Italy, volunteering amidst the spectacular landscapes of the Brianza lakes, the eastern branch of Lake Como and the Alps. Participants are expected to help...

Sustainable Living in an Icelandic Farm

Iceland : Reykjavik

This international volunteer project aims to promote sustainable living. The project takes place in an old farm in the outskirts of Reykjavik. The location allows you to

Empowering Women and Children in Sale

Morocco : Rabat

Located on the right bank of the Bou Regreg river, opposite the national capital Rabat, Sale is a traditional, rather conservative place, where time seems to have stood still....

Experience the Ethnic Culture of Thai People in Hoa Binh

Vietnam : Rural Areas

This program offers the unique opportunity to live and work with a Thai ethnic community in Hoa Binh Province in the Northwest region of Vietnam. The volunteers will work...

Organizing Activities and a Party for Kindergarten Children

Turkey : Istanbul

This project is intended to support a local women's association in the city of Duzce in the north-west of Turkey. The association operates a kindergarten for the children...

Celebrate Christmas, Promote Peace and Friendship in Iceland

Iceland : Reykjavik

The main idea of this initiative is to celebrate Christmas together and to promote peace and friendship among the international volunteers through intercultural learning

New Year's Olive Picking Experience in Turkey

Turkey : Izmir

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers a project organized in cooperation with Math Village, a summer school in the village of Sirince in the...

Restore Ancient Sites and Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem

Palestine : Bethlehem

People of all cultures and backgrounds are invited to take part in this international volunteer project which aims to bring people together under the common goal of promoting...

Building a Volunteer and Training Center in Kampala

Uganda : Kampala

With this project, we are supporting an initiative to put up a permanent volunteer and training center in the region of Kampala that will answer the increasing demand for...

Rice Painting for the Benefit of People with Disabilities

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

A group of international volunteers in Ho Chi Minh City will be providing support to a social project for people with disabilities. The project was started a few years ago...

Be a Park Ranger in the Caves of Han Wildlife Reserve

Belgium : Namur

Volunteer as a park ranger at one of the most famous caves in Europe, the Cave of Han. The site is fashioned by the river Lesse that flows underground from one side to the...

Protection and Conservation of the Quebradas River Basin

Costa Rica : San Isidro del General

Volunteers will support the Biological Centre and Natural Reserve in Quebradas in their work to protect the main water source, flora, and fauna of the area. The Reserve is...

Organic Farming and Education Project in Phutung

Nepal : Kathmandu

This project takes place in a typical Nepali village in Phutung, very close to Kathmandu. This is a community where majority of the locals are farmers, but the people are...

Support for Blind Children in Surabaya, Indonesia

Indonesia : Surabaya

CADIP is looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to join our project with the School for blind children in Surabaya, Indonesia's second-largest city. The organization...

Care for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS

Botswana : Molepolole

This volunteer project is in support of a center for children infected and affected by HIV from the communities of Gamodubu, Mmanoko, Gakgatla and Mmakanke. It is estimated...

Enriching Children's Lives in Kibera, Africa's Largest Slum

Kenya : Nairobi

Kibera is home to over a million people who live in extreme poverty. The slum is also a home to a huge number of neglected, underprivileged, abandoned or orphaned children...

Coffee Farming Experience in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Volunteers who join this program will support a small cooperative of coffee producers in San Marcos de Tarraz, a community known all over the world for its high quality coffee....

Teaching English to Kids in Istanbul

Turkey : Istanbul

CADIP is looking for motivated and committed volunteers who are 20 years old and above, willing to work with primary school students in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey....

Protecting the Marine Turtles in La Penita, Nayarit

Mexico : Puerto Vallarta

Work in a marine turtle protection program with CADIP in the small town of La Penita on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Volunteers will get involved in fun activities that aim...

Wildlife Conservation Project in Botswana

Botswana : Gaborone

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is inviting volunteers to join conservation efforts in the Mokolodi Nature Reserve in Botswana. The program...

Support the Preparation and Running of TeamGym Championship

Iceland : Reykjavik

The TeamGym 2014 Championship is a 4-day event where 42 teams from 14 countries will come together to compete. For the first time this year, a team of international volunteers...

Support for Elderly People in Canas

Costa Rica : Guanacaste

This program in Cañas supports a Home for local elderly people. The volunteers will work with around 40 residents and will get an insight into the care, therapy and medical...

Explore Tibetan Culture, Help a School & Hike in Himalaya

India : Dharamsala

Experience volunteering in Dharamsala - home of the Dalai Lama and capital of the Tibetan Government in exile. Participants will help build schools, play with children, and...

Heritage Restoration and Organising a Celebration in Segur

France : Millau

The municipality of Ségur in Aveyron, France, will host its fifth international volunteer project this summer, which aims to solicit aid in renovating the center of the

Art Therapy Program for Kids with Cancer

Mexico : Morelia

Travel to Mexico and participate in the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects art therapy program for children with cancer. In Mexico, cancer is the

Environmental Protection and Awareness Work in Veracruz

Mexico : Veracruz

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers an environmental protection and awareness volunteering program in Mexico. In this project, a group of...

Construction of a Craft Centre for a Farming Community

Ghana : Rural Areas

This volunteering project from the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects commenced in 2009 in Sumbrungu-Azorebisi, a farming community with 5,000 inhabitants...

Help Turkish Students Boost Their English Skills

Turkey : Istanbul

CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is inviting Native or non-native English speakers to join Turkish teenagers in a two-week high school program,...

Festivals and Art in the East of Iceland

Iceland : Reykjavik

Volunteers will be assisting with two festivals: the French days in Fáskrúsfjörður and the Neistaflug in Neskaupsstaður. The festivals will be held on July 26th-27th...

Summer Education Program for Children in Accra Region

Ghana : Kordiabe

Volunteers will be involved in a pilot project where they teach the kids in Kordiabe. If the project proves successful, it will be replicated in other areas in Ghana. Kordiabe...

Building a School and Teaching Children in Abira

Ghana : Abira

CADIP offers a volunteering project in a farming community in Abira. The place is located 8 kilometers from Kumasi, which is the second largest city and the regional capital...

Organising an English Language Camp for the Youth

Turkey : Izmir

CADIP works closely with a local NGO in order to help disabled people of the area socialize through water sports. They will stay in a camping site to teach swimming, diving...

Teaching computer science in schools in Nepal

Nepal : Chitwan, Kathmandu and 2 other cities , Nawalparasi, Pokhara Show less

Teach Computer Science to students in schools from different regions of Nepal, including; Kathmandu valley, Kaski (Pokhara), Tanhun, Lamjung, Chitwan, Makwanpur, Nawalparasi...

School renovation, education and counselling for children

Uganda : Jinja

This project is in support of a primary school in Jinja District in Eastern Uganda. Volunteers with strong motivation for working with children, enthusiasm and creativity...

Volunteer in in Can Gio Biosphere Reserve

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Can Gio Biosphere Reserve is a wetland that lies about 40 km southeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Recognized under UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Program, this reserve aims to

Restoration and Preservation of the Castle of Sant Ferran

Spain : Girona (Gerona)

Explore Spain and get to know some local areas, its environment, and their heritage. Volunteers will attend workshops, join cultural visits, and visit tourist destinations...

Preserving the Natural and Historical Heritage of Francistow

Botswana : Gaborone

Provide a practical environment education for the people of Botswana. Help preserve a vital part of Francistown's natural and historical heritage. Volunteers will be working...

Promote Art and Sustainable Living in the Eastern Fjords

Iceland : Reykjavik

Travel to Iceland on a volunteer program with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and promote art and sustainable living in the country's eastern...

Community Upliftment Project in War-Affected Luwero District

Uganda : Kampala

Volunteer in Uganda with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and participate in projects that benefit communities in Kampala's Luwero District....

Archeological Excavation at the Prehistoric Cave Can Sadurni

Spain : Barcelona

Volunteer at an archaeological dig in the Cave Can Sadurni in the town of Begues in Spain with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. Volunteers

Restoration of the Coastal Dunes of Sardinia

Italy : Posada

Travel to Italy on a volunteer abroad program with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. The project takes place in Posada, a small town located...

School Renovation and Teaching in Daman

Nepal : Kathmandu

Carry out volunteer work in a small village in Nepal near the capital city of Kathmandu with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. Volunteers help...

Renovation of Footpaths by the Seine River

France : Paris

CADIP offers individuals the opportunity to work with international volunteers in rehabilitating the hiking paths in Vexin, a natural regional park. The 66,000-hectare park...

Yoga and Meditation Experience

India : Bangalore

Join the Yoga and Meditation Project in India offered by the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. Volunteers promote awareness of issues like health...

Building a Youth Training and Creative Arts Center in Mfuwe

Zambia : Mfuwe

Volunteer in a youth development and creative arts projects in Zambia with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and get the chance to work with

International Fantastic Film Festival in Brussels

Belgium : Brussels

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is looking for international volunteers to participate in the 12-day Brussels International Fantastic Film

Teaching Deaf and Blind Children in Kwale

Kenya : Mombasa

Join the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects program in support of the school for deaf children in Kwale. The school offers formal learning to hearing-impaired...

Teaching English to Primary School Students in Saigon

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

CADIP is offering a program where participants are responsible for teaching English to primary students in Saigon. These students come from less fortunate families with no...

Care and Support for Abandoned Children in South Vietnam

Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Support and care for the abandoned children of South Vietnam. Famous in Ho Chi Minh City, this orphanage run by monks is a place of charity for underprivileged children and...

Orphan Education Program in Rift Valley Province

Kenya : Nakuru

CADIP offers volunteering opportunities with Orphan Education Program in Kenya. The volunteer will be working at a Home for Children. Located in Nakuru, the Home gives shelter...

Support the Work of the Reykjavik Botanical Garden

Iceland : Reykjavik

Volunteer in Iceland supporting the conservation efforts of the Reykjavik Botanical Garden. Established in 1961, the Botanic Garden features a vast collection of living plants....

Iceland Airwaves Music Festival

Iceland : Reykjavik

Help the organizers make the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival a huge success. Join the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and the organizers of this...

Teaching English in Schools in Nepal

Nepal : Chitwan, Kathmandu and 1 other city , Pokhara Show less

Teach basic English language in Nepal through Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects (CADIP). Grab the chance to instill knowledge to Nepali students....

Teaching English in Burundi

Burundi : Bujumbura

Teach English in Burundi with CADIP. There are 2 volunteer positions for the English teaching program. One volunteer will teach at Maramvya Lycee, which is about 10 km north...

Christmas Olive Picking Experience in Turkey

Turkey : Izmir

Collect olives in Turkey and enjoy a Christmas trip like no other through this project edveloped by CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. Situated...

Cozumel Sea Turtle Conservation Program

Mexico : Cozumel

Volunteers will be working with the locals to protect the turtles, and ensure the survival of future generations. The main tasks include patrolling the beach at night, searching...

Educational and Agricultural Activities in Central Java

Indonesia : Semarang

A sub-district of Semarang regency, Getasan is situated on the valley of Merbabu Mountain, an old passive volcano. Dubbed "The Vegetable Garden of Central Java", the village...

Help Run a Vacation Program for Handicapped People

France : Gap

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is looking for volunteers to help run a vacation program for handicapped people in France. The project is in...

Early Childhood Education Program

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

Volunteers will be assisting local teachers in Early Childhood schools, and will be teaching basic reading, artwork, math, etc. They will also help prepare materials for

Reykjavik International Film Festival

Iceland : Reykjavik

The volunteers will be assisting the organizers with the tasks before and during the Reykjavik International Film Festival. The international volunteers will be working with...

Clean Up the Coastline in the North of Iceland

Iceland : Reykjavik

Join the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects Clean Up the Coastline volunteering program in Iceland. The program has been responsible for cleaning

Social Work with Children in Leon

Mexico : Leon

Join a project that helps improve the living conditions in the local community by lending a hand to volunteers from local Universities. Volunteers gain learning experiences...

Rehabilitation Program for Disadvantaged Children

Botswana : Serowe

Support a rehabilitation center in Serowe, a traditional village in Botswana, and provide physiotherapy and social support to children through the Canadian Alliance for Development...

Maintenance of Paths and Mountain Meadows in Campo Dei Fiori

Italy : Varesse

Overlooking the lush hills of Varese and Po Plain is the Natural Park Campo Dei Fiori . Aside from several interesting historical and architectural sites, this geographical...

Preserving and Promoting the Cava Ispica Archeological Park

Italy : Catania

Help recover and conserve some of Sicily's archeological and natural area including a UNESCO World Heritage site, Modica. Volunteers will experience various voluntary works...

Environmental Cleanup and Fauna Monitoring at Pusiano Lake

Italy : Como

Join this unique program offered by CADIP. Help clean the beaches surrounding Lake Pusiano and help monitor and capture Louisiana Shrimps while observing bird ringing activities....

Language and Cultural Immersion Program in Tanzania

Tanzania : Dar Es Salaam

The project aims to understand how people from different cultures communicate with each other as well as interpret the society's shared values, assumptions, and goals that...

Give New Life to an Old Farm in Reykjavik

Iceland : Reykjavik

Help renovate and put an old farm in a good shape. Volunteers will also take charge in taking good care of the property including planting of trees and cleaning up the area....

Providing care for autistic children in Hanoi

Vietnam : Hanoi

Volunteer in Vientam with a project from the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects that involves caring for autistic and disabled children through a

Youth development initiatives in Palca

Peru : Rural Areas

Take part in youth development initiatives in Palca. Volunteers will be involved in youth development porjects, non-formal education, health, art and cultural activities,...

Raising Awareness on STD/HIV/AIDS in Rural Communities

Togo : Lome

Help raise STD/HIV/AIDS awareness! This volunteer program is focused in educating the rural population of Togo on the dangers related to STD/HIV/AIDS and promoting change...

Artistic and Environmental Projects at the Arctic Circle

Iceland : Reykjavik

Raufarhöfn, the base of this project, is a village located on the farthest north of Iceland, close to the Arctic Circle. The villagers in this community of about 200 people...

Restoration and Preservation of the Ancient Medina of Fes

Morocco : Fes

Spend a few weeks in the Moroccan city of Fes and carry out volunteer work to restore and protect ancient monuments in its Medina with the Canadian Alliance for Development...

Improving Public Spaces in Salé

Morocco : Rabat

Travel to Morocco on a volunteer abroad project sanctioned by the National Department of Education with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. The...

Painting and Creating Murals in a Youth Center in Casablanca

Morocco : Casablanca

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is looking for volunteers to help in various activities at an activity center in Casablanca, Morocco. The work...

Teaching Foreign Languages to Moroccan Children and Youth

Morocco : Casablanca, Essaouira and 5 other cities , Kenitra, Marrakech, Mohammedia, Rabat, Tangier Show less

Join other volunteers in teaching foreign languages to children and youth in Morocco with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. Volunteers organize...

Developing the Ecology Center and Organic Garden in Vinto

Bolivia : Cochabamba

In the semi-rural area of Vinto in Cochabamba, Bolivia, the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is working to develop an ecology center with an organic...

Education and Support for Disabled Children in Botswana

Botswana : Mochudi

Improve the lives of people with disabilities through promoting education, skills training and rehabilitation in Mochudi, Botswana. Community Rehabilitation Centre is a non-profit...

Be part of the Music Festivals in Belgium!

Belgium : Brussels, Spa

Support the music festivals in Belgium! Volunteers will have the opportunity to become a part of the annual music festivals of Belgium. Volunteers will work as backstage

Providing care and social activities for children in Kpalime

Togo : Kpalime (Palime)

Work with mentally handicapped children in Togo and learn more about the impoverished locality while volunteering with CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives...

Construction of a Basketball and Volleyball Court in Kpalime

Togo : Kpalime (Palime)

International volunteers are invited to help in the construction of social facilities in collaboration with the local community. Volunteers in this project will work on the...

Protection of the World Heritage Site at Hampi

India : Bellary

Participate in volunteering projects that focus on protecting sites of historical importance and cultural heritage. They also work on creating awareness among school children,...

Environmental Education Program for Children

Iceland : Rural Areas, Skaftafell

Promote environmental awareness to children and teenagers with CADIP in Eskifjörður, Iceland through education. Participants have the opportunity to be leaders of environmental...

Rural Development, Education and Awareness Work in Rajastan

India : Jodhpur

Volunteers from around the world can work in the beautiful state of Rajasthan in western India teaching basic English and Math and spreading awareness about health, hygiene,...

Education, Awareness and Organic Farming Work in Pondicherry

India : Puducherry (Pondicherry)

Participants from across the world have this exciting opportunity to volunteer in the fields of education, awareness, organic farming and cultural exchange in Pondicherry,...

Education and Recreation Program for Street Children

Ecuador : Quito

Travel to Ecuador with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects on a volunteering program that benefits low-income children who work in the streets,...

Teaching Children and Raising Environmental Awareness

Nepal : Chitwan

Journey to mystical Nepal on a volunteering opportunity with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and help the small village of Bhorle in Chitwan...

Help Children Unlock Their Potential And Get Better Future

Peru : Huanuco

Join a project that is based in three urban areas in Huanuco. Volunteers will be working with young children living in extreme poverty. These children have been exposed to...

Heritage Conservation and Awareness at Badami Cave Temples

India : Rural Areas

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is searching for volunteers for a heritage conservation and awareness project in India. The project in Badami,...

School Renovation and Teaching English in Sulursari

Indonesia : Purwodadi Grobogan

CADIP offers a volunteering project based in Sulursari. Volunteers participate in the schools renovation work. They also help organize games for the children and teach English....

Educational Programs in Elementary Schools in Rural Areas

Ecuador : Ambato, Babahoyo and 10 other cities , Banos, Cayambe, Esmeraldas, Galapagos Islands, Ibarra, Manta, Mindo, Quito, Salinas, Vilcabamba Show less

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is looking for volunteers to teach English and Computers at elementary schools in rural areas of Ecuador. Based...

Christmas and New Year at a Volunteer Center in Reykjavik

Iceland : Reykjavik

We will live together and create a cosy atmosphere in the area of the volunteer and cultural centre in Reykjavik by putting up lights and Christmas decorations. The main

Promoting Public Health Dialogue Through Forum Theatre

India : Bangalore, Mysore

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Project offers a volunteering opportunity to perform on stage with the goal of promoting health and initiating a public...

Social Activities and Education for Mentally Challenged Kids

Togo : Kpalime (Palime)

Partake in a life-changing program offered by CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects in Togo. Aimed at lessening the lack of teachers in schools...

A Way Out For Abused Girls

Peru : Lima

Join a project that provides support to a social home for girls situated in Lurin, Lima province. The home shelters 45 girls aged 2 to 15 who have experienced sexual and

Elephant Conservation in Sumatra

Indonesia : Riau-Sumatera

Journey to Lampung in the island of Sumatra in Indonesia with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and help elephant trainers take care of their...

Wildlife Rescue Program in the Amazon

Ecuador : Rural Areas, Tena

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers a volunteering project in the Ecuadorian Amazon where volunteers help protect wildlife in the region....

Forestry and Farming Activities with Local People of Banepa

Nepal : Rural Areas

Travel to Nepal with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and volunteer in forestry and farming activities with locals. The project site is in Banepa,...

Building a Primary School and Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness

Uganda : Rural Areas

Assist in constructing a primary school in the rural areas of Uganda through this meanigful colunteer abroad program offered by CADIP - Canadian Alliance for Development

Art Festival in Rabat

Morocco : Rabat

Volunteer at the Art Festival in Rabat where many young people showcase their talents in dancing, singing, drawing, etc. International volunteers will be participating in...

Empower Women through Knowledge and Entrepreneurship

Uganda : Kabarole

As a result of exploiting the developing tourism industry in the region, the project was created and developed by a community of women in the impoverished city of Kabarole...

Protecting the Endangered Rhinos of Botswana

Botswana : Gaborone, Khama

Volunteer abroad in Botswana through CADIP and help in maintaining Khama Rhino Sanctuary's footpaths, park fences, fire breaks, and trails. Khama Rhino Sanctuary is a conservation...

Teaching children and renovating schools in Mount Abu

India : Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Teach various subjects to children in some informal schools in India through CADIP. Volunteers can choose to teach children from poor and marginalized communities subjects...

Help Preserve the Tropical Forests of Uganda

Uganda : Rural Areas

Go on a volunteer abroad program in Uganda with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and get the chance to raise awareness on environmental conservation...

Environmental Protection and Teaching English in Ecuador

Ecuador : Pichincha, Quito

Volunteer in several locations in Ecuador with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and get the opportunity to carry out volunteer work in reforestation...

International Rock Festival of Dour

Belgium : Dour

Be part of the exciting Rock Festival of Dour and experience a unique adventure. A celebration lasting over several days, an eclectic and enthusiastic crowd lives together,...

Education for Orphans in Kisumu

Kenya : Kisumu

Help provide Education to orphans in Kisumu. International volunteers will be involved in various activities, including helping the children with their homework and teaching...

Construction of Water Tanks at the Coast Province

Kenya : Rural

The Mwakiki community in the Coast province of Kenya needs water storage tanks to harvest rainwater for domestic use as this is a semi-arid region. Sometimes when there is...

Reforestation and environmental work at an eco village in Temeke

Tanzania : Rural Areas

Eco Village is one of the major volunteer projects being implemented in Tanzania over the last 25 years. Various activities are taking place, including farming, tree planting,...

Improving the study environment and living conditions of orphans in northern Morocco

Morocco : Tetouan

Make a positive impact on the lives of orphans in Morocco through this international volunteering program from the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects...

Environmental Preservation of the Mighty Victoria Falls

Zambia : Livingstone

Journey to Livingstone, the tourist capital of Zambia, with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects to volunteer in a project that aims to raise awareness...

Photography Workshop in Reykjavik

Iceland : Reykjavik

Join a volunteering project in Iceland with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and improve on communication and visual arts skills by capturing...

Construction and landscaping of Mathematics Village education center

Turkey : Izmir

Help out with construction work and landscaping at the Mathematics Village. The Mathematics Village was created by a university professor committed to instilling a love for...

Counselling and leading activities for groups of children in a summer camp

Turkey : Izmir

A summer camp for groups of kids aged between 10-14 will be organized in a youth centre by the Aegean Sea. The volunteers will be counseling a group of children, leading

Protecting the Marine Turtles at Colola

Mexico : Tecoman

International volunteers will participate in a program to protect the marine turtles, working in tight collaboration with the local population of the beautiful virgin Colola...

Intercultural Exchange with the Children of Wando Island

South Korea : Gwang Ju

Join two sets of a 5-day long cultural camps in South Korea and help provide social and educational services to the children. Each camp will hold 20-30 local children who...

Environmental Clean-up on the Northeast Coast of Iceland

Iceland : Rural Areas

To truly sense the remote beauty of the north-east, then the charming little fishing village of pórshöfn on the north-east coast is the place to go. The town of Þórshöfn...

Restoration of Stone Walls in Beaujolais Wine Growing Region

France : Lyon

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects is searching for volunteers to help in the restoration and preservation of the architectural heritage of Pommiers,...

Restoration Project in the Medieval Town of Algerri

Spain : Lleida (Lerida)

Help restore some local heritage sites in Algerri and help recover some castles, chapels, parks, and streams. The project will also introduce participants to the reality...

Beautifying the Eastfjords of Iceland (Towns and Coastlines)

Iceland : Skaftafell

Volunteer in Iceland with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects and join in beautifying towns and coastline areas in the Eastfjords of Iceland. Volunteers...

Vocal Jazz Festival in Medieval town of Crest

France : Valence

Every year the Crest Jazz Vocal Festival needs a lot of time and people to prepare for one of the most elaborate musical events in France. For more than 10 years, motivated...

Environmental Project in Monte Barro

Italy : Lecco

Travel to Italy on a volunteer abroad program with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects. The program places volunteers in Monte Barro, a small mountain...

Volunteer in an Orphanage in Bulgaria

Bulgaria : Plovdiv

Provide care for underprivileged children for two weeks with Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects (CADIP) in Bulgaria. International volunteers can

Artistic and Cultural Tourism in Anticoli Corrado

Italy : Roma (Rome)

Volunteer in Anticoli Corrado, an area that offers a promising future in tourism, with its picturesque sites that have been a favorite among many artists. The splendid sites...

Program for Social Adaptation of Blind Kids in Chuncheon

South Korea : Chuncheon

Help educate and train blind young students through an international volunteer workcamp in South Korea. This program will help blind students, with ages from 8-15 years olds,...

Summer Day Camp Program for Children with Autism

Canada : Courtenay

Take part in a recreational and social summer day camp program designed to help children afflicted with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The program is based in the Comox

Organizing Social Programs for Elderly in Vancouver, BC

Canada : Vancouver

The project works with the largest care facility that caters to elderly people in Vancouver. The center provides complex care, assisted living, and independent housing for...

Various Community Service Projects in rural and urban Bangalore

India : Bangalore

CADIP is inviting volunteers to contribute to community service projects in Bangalore. Volunteers work with organizations that promote the development of the underprivileged,...

Marine Turtle Protection Project on the west coast of Karnataka

India : Mangalore

Contribute to a Marine Turtle Protection Project in Karnataka state. The project was established in 2004, in partnership with the state's Forest and Wildlife Department.

Bring Smiles to Children in the Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi

Vietnam : Hanoi

Bring smiles to children at a pediatric hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, by participating in a volunteering program with the Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and

Art and Environmental Activities in Kitui District

Kenya : Machakos

Volunteer in Kenya through a project that works with the Arts Education and Environmental Center located in Kitui. The Center aims to bring together individual businesses...

Education for Orphaned and Needy Children in Machakos

Kenya : Machakos

CADIP works with the Children's Home in Machakos in providing rewarding opportunities for international volunteers. The Home has been providing support to orphans and vulnerable...

Itinerant Camp in Support of an Emmaus Community

France : Valence

Emmaus is a community that welcomes marginalised and homeless people, mostly men. They are called "companions". The community provides them with a place where they can live...

Restoration & preservation of the historic centre of Morelia

Mexico : Morelia

Join the efforts to restore and preserve the historic town centre of Morelia. Morelia is a striking colonial city built in pink stone. The locals are very friendly. International...

New Year in the Desert

Morocco : Zagora

Learn to make pottery using Moroccan artisan techniques. Program participants will learn to work and prepare the earth, and later decorate the articles. They do not need

Forestry and Gardening Activities in Hveragerdi

Iceland : Hveragerdi

The Canadian Alliance for Development Initiatives and Projects offers a volunteer program where participants can engage in Forestry and Gardening activities in the small