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Volunteer with Orphans and Vulnerable Children at Bucalpo Ug

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Volunteering as a life changing activity

I have volunteered my self in many organizations. At first it was hard but because of the impact and motivation I got from other local and international volunteers since 2002 has made me good volunteer.

In 2013 I realised that I have volunteered in many places but so many children in my home village needed the same services we offer in other places. There has been no project in our area. Bucalpo Uganda was formed to change lives and motivate education do the community and its members can benefit from educating children. I am so sure we shall do more as more local and international volunteers come in to give a hand

  • Bugoye Children Advocacy and Life Planning Organization ( BUCALPO Uganda) responded to this review June 30, 2015 at 6:06 AM

    Dear my friends, and friends of the friends,

    How are you doing? How is your life? Hope your life fulfills with much happiness!

    Today, lastly, I would like to introduce the organization that I am volunteering now.
    It is Bugoye Children Advocacy and Life Planning Organization (BUCALPO). Situated in central Uganda, the organization operates a primary school for vulnerable children and orphans who can not easily get an opportunity to receive even basic education.
    Around 80 students study in this school, and among them, 15 children live together in the director's private house. This organization makes effort to take more vulnerable and orphans to the school.

    To do so, the participation of more volunteers is needed for the emotional effect as well as financial support. Staying with these children, I come to mull over the way to be more helpful for the children and this organization. I thought the best way is to inform more people of here, so to attract more volunteers.
    Sure, the confidence for this organization's activities led me be determined.

    I would like to say the work and life as a volunteer in here. The life is simple. The main activity is teaching english from 8am to 3:30pm, and then training Taekwondo or playing football together. And sometimes we are outreaching another village, and persuade the parents to educate their children. During weekend, we work in the garden and go to the church together. Before go to bed, most of time stay with the children.

    Honestly, the environment here will be quite challengeable to people who accustomed to a modern life. No modern bathroom and toilet facilities, limited electronic power and Internet access, etc.
    however, do not be concerned of that too much. The sincere and warm caring and service of all step member at their best helps to over these inconvenience.

    Let me say my individual feeling until now. Since accustomed to the new environment, i have been enjoying simple life. Laugh much, waiting food, sometimes missing something.
    Before came here, I have been struggling against future anxiety and the greed for ones I can not get. Still I do not overcome that in full, at least I am enjoying the present moments without calculation. Children are not afraid of future in advance. They fulfill in the present.

    If someone is really needed to be inspired by these children, I confidently recommend to volunteering in here. At least during being in here, you could feel the pleasure of the life fulfilled in the moments.

    Again Sincerely appreciate your interest and advice on theses posts.
    If I do not convey the intention, it is totally my fault by my arrogance and carelessness. Blame me.

    Truly wish children in BUCALPO and you all Happiness. With best love and safety!