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Panama Photography Adventure

Overall Rating

9/ 10

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Memories That Will Last a Lifetime

I had the most amazing, inexplicable experience that you could only understand by going on the trip. Everyone we met in Panama was so humble and caring and open for anyone they met. When walking down the street, if you passed by someone, they would always smile, wave and yell a big "BUENOS DIAS!" meaning good morning/good day. A few days while we were in Bocas del Toro, we volunteered with the local community and helped paint a new building for the children. While some were painting, others played with the kids after they got out of class and talked and learned all about them. Also while in Bocas, we saw so many interesting animals including sloths and the endangered hawksbill turtles. Along with being surrounded by great people and getting to see some of the coolest parts of Panama, I learned a lot about digital photography. Even though I wasn't incredibly into photography when signing up, the trip has since sparked an interest in me and now I bring me camera everywhere I go. This trip was really something I will never forget.