Masters Program in Accounting and Finance

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Program Structure

Following approval by the Hellenic Ministry of Education, the Master's Program Curriculum is equivalent to 75 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credit units. The curriculum includes twelve course units (5 ECTS credits each). Upon completion of the taught courses, students are required to complete an MSc thesis, which is equal to three course units (15 ECTS credits). There are both compulsory and elective course units. There are nine compulsory course units in the Accounting stream and ten compulsory course units in the Finance stream. The Postgraduate Program Committee, taking into consideration the students' preferences and the availability of academic staff, decides on the elective course units offered each year. The lectures are conducted for the English speaking groups in English, while the literature is mostly in English. For the part-time program, eight course units are offered in the first year of study and four in the second.

Program curriculum

Accounting Stream
Core Courses
* Auditing
* Business Analysis and Valuation
* Corporate Finance
* Cost Accounting
* Financial Accounting I
* Financial Accounting II
* International Accounting Standards' Theory
* Managerial Accounting
* Quantitative Methods in Accounting

Elective Courses
* Accounting Information Systems and Internal Control
* Banking
* Contemporary Research Issues in Accounting
* Equity Portfolio Management
* Financial Derivatives
* Financial Econometrics
* Modern Types of Financing
* Money and Capital Markets
* Principles of Corporate Governance
* Public Sector Accounting
* Tax Legislation and Planning

Finance Stream
Core Courses
* Banking
* Business Analysis and Valuation
* Corporate Finance
* Equity Portfolio Management
* Financial Accounting
* Financial Derivatives
* Financial Econometrics
* Modern Types of Financing
* Money and Capital Markets
* Quantitative Methods in Finance

Elective Courses
* Behavioral Finance
* Computational Finance
* Contemporary Research Issues in Finance
* Credit Risk and Credit Derivatives
* International Capital Taxation and Investment Decisions
* Market Microstructure and Dealing Room Simulations
* Principles of Corporate Governance
* Real Estate Finance
* Risk Management
* Shipping Finance

The academic and professional background of applicants is carefully evaluated. The basic entry requirements are the following:
* Undergraduate University Degree (recognition by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre is required).
* Very good command of the English language, as determined by a TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS score, or the Cambridge or Michigan Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE) or Certificate of Advanced English (CAE)
* GMAT (only for full-time applicants).
* Work experience (only for part-time applicants).


The MSc course in Accounting and Finance of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is a leading European postgraduate program. Offered by AUEB, the most prestigious Greek University in Economics and Business, the course has been operating successfully since 2004. Given Greece's prime location at the crossroads of three continents, AUEB offers an exceptional educational opportunity that brings together challenges from the European Union, the fast developing Balkan countries, and the Middle East.

The program has been designed to offer high-quality specialized scientific knowledge in the fields of Accounting and Finance, focusing on current international developments in the area. The program is offered on both a full-time and a part-time basis. The one-year full-time program is designed for students who have recently graduated and seek to continue their studies at the postgraduate level, while the two-year part-time program meets the needs of business executives. For each of the abovementioned courses, students can major in Accounting or in Finance.

The aim of the course is to foster a new generation of accounting and finance professionals capable of analyzing the corporate challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the global financial environment. This aim is pursued by offering a modern, well-designed program that is based on varied teaching methods, which include study of the international literature, laboratory-supported lectures, case studies, individual and team project assignments, a thesis, and guest lectures by our executive visiting speakers. The University's infrastructure also contributes to this aim, providing access to relevant scientific and professional journals, and also to databases that allow quick and effective access to information. Furthermore, the Department's Laboratories, and the University library and Computer Centre, enable postgraduate students to study and carry out high-quality research.

In addition, we take pride in attracting the most motivated, highly achieving individuals who are looking to develop their research, analytical, conceptual and critical thinking skills to the highest level and become innovators in their chosen fields of expertise. Graduates of the Master's Program in Accounting and Finance follow distinguished careers. They are highly employable and they work in positions such as accountants, directors of accounting departments, financial directors, auditors, financial analysts, and evaluators of investment projects, while some of them follow academic careers.

Last but not least, studying for an MSc in Greece affords international students the opportunity to acquaint and familiarize themselves with a beautiful environment that blends a long tradition of excellence in commerce with a robust academic curriculum, within a dynamic modern economy. Studying at AUEB will surely prove to be a great experience for all international students, who are encouraged to make the most out of it! Whether students participate in computer-backed courses, attend lectures by business executives and leaders, or just experience the Mediterranean way of life and cuisine, it is certain that their studies in the Master's Program in Accounting and Finance program will turn out to be an unforgettable, life altering experience!

Minimum Education


Subject Areas

  • Accounting
  • Finance

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This Program is open to

Worldwide Participants.

Typical Living Arrangements

  • Apartment/Flat
  • Independent living
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Scholarships are Available

The Postgraduate Program offers monetary awards up to 12.000 Euros to the top three (3) students in each stream (based on grades achieved throughout the program), for both the full-time and the part-time programs. The exact amount of the award is determined annually at a Departmental staff meeting. The awards are given out each year during the graduation ceremony. In addition participants can obtain scholarships through the Hellenic Aid program, which grants each year 100 scholarships for studies in Greece to nationals of developing countries included in the list of OECD. The deadline for submitting applications to the Greek authorities abroad is usually July 30. Hellenic Aid announces the results to successful applicants around September each year. Postgraduate candidates must have been admitted in a university postgraduate program, prior to their application for the Hellenic Aid scholarship. The scholarship covers a significant proportion of the program fees. The State Scholarships Foundation (I.K.Y.) also grants scholarships for postgraduate or postdoctoral studies in Greece to all foreigners as well as scholarships for the attendance of the Modern Greek Language and Culture. More information available on IKY website. In addtion, the MSc program in Accounting and Finance in association with the AUEB Research Centre, offer to the top student of the elective course unit Shipping Finance a full grant for the Executive Seminar Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management which is held twice every year. Finally, the Masters Program offers to the top student of the course unit Equity Portfolio Management a full grant for the 1st level preparatory classes (40 hours) of the International Certification CIIA (Certified International Investment Analyst) and CEFA (Certified European Financial Analyst) held by the AUEB Research Centre in association with the Hellenic Association of Certified Stockmarket Analysts (HACSA).

Application Process Involves

  • In-Person Interview when Feasible
  • Letters of Reference
  • Resume
  • Transcript
  • Written Application

Typically The Application Process Time is

One month

Post Services Include

  • Alumni Network
  • Job and Internship Network