Athena Study Abroad in Italy

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10/ 10

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Outstanding Semester Abroad

My semester abroad was the most amazing experience of my life. I was fortunate enough to meet family members for the first time and get to know them. I traveled all over Italy, went to London, Switzerland, and the French Riviera. I have learned so much about myself as well as the culture in which I spent 5 months. Once my semester was over, I stayed in Tuscany for a month and a half spending time with my aunt and uncle in a very small town learning everything about the Italian culture that I did not experience in Florence. I would recommend studying abroad for anyone who is given the opportunity. It was absolutely worth it.

Attending school was not difficult to manage with all the traveling that my friends and I did. My classes were fun and interesting about relayed over to my home university!

Living Situation:
I lived in an extended-stay hotel and loved the location! I was very close to the center of the city and could walk anywhere that I needed or wanted to go.

Cultural Immersion:
It was very easy for me to immerse myself into the culture. I loved my experience in Italy and plan to return very soon.

Program Administration:
I had wonderful program administration members working with me. There was never a time when I could not reach the two people that I spoke to most. They were a lot of help and I still keep in touch with them today!