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Athena Study Abroad in Heidelberg, Germany

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10/ 10

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This was my third Athena led program and they just do such an amazing job.

I love Athena! This was my third Athena led program and they just do such an amazing job. I know that when it's an Athena program, it means it's going to be good and that I'll always have someone there to answer my questions.

Germany changed my understanding of the world when I could see the past and the future melding seamlessly together in construction of their cities. We don't have that sort of rich history in the U.S. and it's amazing to see how it is worked into the fabric of their everyday lives.

I felt very safe in Germany in general. Heidelberg felt very safe and because it's such a student hub, it was used to foreigners and we didn't have much of an issue with the natives on language or the like. We didn't really participate in much of the nightlife though. I loved being able to visit castles! Also, it was very moving to be able to visit a concentration camp and to actually see in person one of the places where so many people suffered.

I LOVED my marketing class. The topic was intriguing, the teacher knew what she was talking about, and it was just over all a great class. I would take this class again in a heartbeat. I didn't care quite as much for my culturology class. The topic was really interesting but the professor was a bit harder to understand and it was pretty early in the morning, so it was hard to stay focused on what he was saying as much.

Our advisor Ben was really helpful in answering any questions we had on anything from field trips to how the laundry machines worked. He even killed a spider for us once. Really nice guy. Probably the biggest challenge my friends and I faced in Germany was how the other students treated the kitchen. They didn't really show any respect for the three different recycling bins, and I was left to constantly clean up behind them just so we could have clean dishes to eat off of and use. There were already pretty strict policies put in place about the kitchen area, so I think we just kind of lucked out with that particular batch of students.

I've done three study abroad trips through Athena already and now I want to see the rest of the world. Studying abroad really opens your eyes to what the world offers.