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About Athena Study Abroad

Athena Study Abroad was developed in an effort to bring students authentic study abroad experiences involving true, cultural immersion, designed by knowledgeable, caring professionals. Designed to meet the needs of any student who wishes to attend a small university overseas, Athena students gain the most culturally rich and authentic immersion possible.

Athena's commitment to partnering with only small schools overseas differentiates its programs, so students experience the personalized service throughout the term that Athena prides itself on providing. Unlike many other study abroad programs, Athena offers its students programs that are focused on intense, cultural immersion which puts them in touch with the locals of their host country, elements of the host culture, and other international students from around the world to ensure a well-rounded, diverse experience.

Additionally, Athena developed its Students Offering Support (S.O.S.) Program to provide study abroad students with a way to show their appreciation to their host culture by way of a monetary donation. While we at Athena know how great it feels to give back to our students through discounts and promotions, we have designed the S.O.S. program in an effort to assist our students in passing on this goodwill to the world.

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Athena Study and Intern Abroad in Florence, Italy

Italy : Florence

Athena's partner school in Florence, Italy, Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM), is a private institution located among several buildings in the center of this charming Renaissance

Athena Study Abroad, Summer in Cadiz, Spain

Spain : Cadiz

This program is perfect for students looking to either learn the Spanish language, or advance their knowledge in the Spanish language. In addition to classes, students are...

Athena Study Abroad, Summer on Koh Samui Island, Thailand

Thailand : Koh Samui

This 3-week January program in Thailand allows students to experience many hidden pockets of an ancient society. Students will get to experience Thailand's world-famous city...

Athena Study Abroad in Seville, Spain

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

This program is perfect for students looking to either learn the Spanish language, or advance their knowledge in the Spanish language. Semester students complement their

Athena Study Abroad in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland : Dublin

Dublin is one of the most fascinating cities in the world, a city layered with stories from a rich cultural history defined by relationships with all parts of the world.

Athena Study Abroad in Italy

Italy : Florence, Roma (Rome) and 2 other cities , Tuscania, Venice Show less

Athena Study Abroad offers several programs in Italy including Florence, Rome, Tuscania and the Tour of Italy (3 cities, 1 semester). All programs offer Italian language

Athena Study Abroad in London, England

England : London

Athena's London program takes place at the University of Roehampton, a small, friendly, collegiate community where students can live, learn and socialize together on a beautiful...

Athena Study Abroad in Paros Island, Greece

Greece : Paros

Athena's Greece campus, located in the historical and classical landscape of Paros Island, gives students the opportunity to study alongside fellow students who desire more...

Athena Study Abroad in Tuscania, Italy

Italy : Tuscania

Athena's Tuscania campus of the Lorenzo de' Medici School (LdM) is a private institution located in the old town center of this charming medieval city. Classes are held in...

Athena Study Abroad in Sydney, Australia

Australia : Sydney

Sydney is Australia's premier city with a population of four million people and it is the largest and oldest city in Australia. Sydney has been drawing both migrants and

Athena Study and Intern Abroad in Rome, Italy

Italy : Roma (Rome)

Athena and its partner school Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM) offers a unique educational option: a small, personal campus in a big city. The mission is to give students a quality...

Athena Study Abroad, Tour of Italy

Italy : Florence, Roma (Rome) and 2 other cities , Tuscania, Venice Show less

Athena students are invited to enroll in the Tour of Italy program, which enables them to study for one month in Tuscania, one month in Rome and a third month in either Florence...

Athena Study Abroad, Summer in Kyoto, Japan

Japan : Kyoto

The three week long summer program in Japan is an enchanted cultural and artistic pilgrimage. The program will visit some of the most beloved sites of Kyoto, as well as often...

Athena Study Abroad in Heidelberg, Germany

Germany : Heidelberg

If you are looking for a personalized program in Germany that integrates classroom learning with hands-on learning, then this is the program for you! Students can take...


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