Get AMPED Abroad: Construction Volunteer in Ecuador


Ecuador: Puerto Lopez


Because Ecuador's recent history has not been wracked with civil war strife as other Latin American nations, does not mean that the country has escaped many of the social misfortunes that can be found in these nations.

Over 2 million of the country's 12 million citizens live in overcrowded, substandard housing conditions. Their homes often have rooftops and walls made of tin, zinc, cardboard and/or plastic, anything they think will safeguard them from the elements.

Poverty caused by high unemployment is the root cause behind such deplorable living environments. Poor Ecuadoreans are forced to build homes on the outskirts near unhealthy surroundings and where basic services are non-existent which in turn imposes a burden on the country's healthcare system as a result of the consumption of contaminated drinking water and improper sewage systems.

AMPED's construction projects strive to address Ecuador's housing and community development needs and to create livable situations for the people that inhabit them.

AMPED volunteers participating in Ecuador's construction program may be expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

* Digging, and mixing sand and cement;
* Heavy lifting rocks, sand, and bricks;
* Repairing fences, roofs, and cabins;
* Constructing water pipes, toilets, and houses; and
* Making cosmetic improvements - painting, renovating, and gardening work.


Authentic cultural immersion experience as participants reside with a local host family in addition to having daily interaction with the locals in the community and at their project site.

Participants volunteering in Quito and Puerto Lopez receive 2 hours of FREE Spanish Monday-Friday for the duration of their stay, up to 120 hours.

Program Duration

1-2 Week, 2-4 Week, 5-8 Week, 9-12 Week, 3-6 Month


Throughout the year


First and third Monday of each month


Must be at least 18 years of age. While it is not required, basic Spanish is recommended as it will allow participants an opportunity to become more immersed in their assignment.

Intern Types

  • Development
  • Engineering (Civil)
  • Landscape Architecture


  • English

Cost in US$:

Starting at 559

Cost Includes:

  • Food
  • Housing
  • In-country orientation/Training
  • In-country staff support
  • Written materials pre-departure

Program Fees Include:

Includes project set-up arrangements, airport pick-up, three meals per day (except Sundays), accommodations, orientation, and 24/7 emergency in-country staff support, and one time, one way transfer to project site. Participants will also receive information regarding their placement prior to their departure. Placement information, will include in-country contact information, alternative accommodations for delayed arrivals, currency exchange, phone and internet communication, laundry, etc.

Experience Required


Volunteer Types

  • Building/construction Projects
  • Community Development
  • Digging
  • Fixing Fences
  • Gardening
  • Housing
  • Painting
  • Renovation
  • Repairs

Typical Volunteer

While participation is not limited to this demographic, the average age is 18-26. Participants that are flexible and open minded when it comes to cultural differences, ways of life, and work pace are those that tend to benefit most from their experience abroad, as do those that demonstrate initiative with regard to recommending and implementing changes to improve the project and to assist the staff.

Age Range

18 and over

This Program is open to

American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, Kiwi, South African and Worldwide Participants. This Program is also open to Couples and Individuals.

Typical Living Arrangements

  • Home-stays

Participants Travel

Independently or in Groups

Typically Participants Work

Independently or in Groups

Application Process Involves

  • Online Application
  • Other
  • Resume
  • Transcript

Typically The Application Process Time is

2-4 weeks