AmeriSpan- Learn Spanish in Salamanca


Spain: Salamanca


Known as 'La Dorada,' or Golden City, because of the golden glow of its sandstone buildings. It is one of the 5 Spanish cities declared by UNESCO as 'Mankind Heritage' sites. Home to the world's second oldest university, it boasts a student population averaging 30,000 (approximately 5,000 of which are foreigners) that provides a lively atmosphere and night life. Students can enjoy weekly concerts, lectures and theater or congregate in the famous Plaza Mayor.

Our partner school is located in the old part of the city, a quick 3 minute walk from the Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral. The beautiful historic building provides a patio, terrace, bar/restaurant, student common area and library.

School Facilities: Large, historical, renovated building. It hosted the "College of Medicine" until the 16th Century. 30+ classrooms, renaissance patio, garden, cafeteria, lecture room, computer room with Internet access. 5 minute walk to Plaza Mayor. Capacity is 250 students/day (more during summer).

Participants: Mainly from Northern Europe and North America. Wide age range with average age 26.


From its dazzling beaches to its ancient castles, Spain is a country as diverse as the cultures which have influenced its art, architecture, music and lifestyle. It is a land where cathedrals and castles are interspersed with skyscrapers, where modern rock mixes with flamenco guitar and night clubs compete with cozy 'tapas' bars. Spain offers some of the world's most famous museums, resorts, and festivals, making it a unique and enchanting destination.


Throughout the year


New classes begin each month

Degree Level

Bachelors Degree (Undergraduate)


  • Spanish

Subject Areas

  • Intensive Language
  • Spanish

Cost in US$:

Inquire for more info.

Program Fees Include:

Spanish Immersion Program (included in tuition):
* 5 hrs/day classes (25 hrs/wk, includes 5 hrs/wk culture lessons)
* Group classes (max 10)
* Laundry service
* Shared room with host family
* Breakfast and dinner daily
* 2-3 organized activities per week
* Walking city orientation tour
* Travel Assistance Program
* Emergency message service

Options (extra cost):
* Airport pick-up in Madrid
* Apt instead of host family (no meals)
* Dorm instead of host family
* One-on-one classes
* Private room upgrade

Credit Available


Experience Required


Application Process Involves

  • Online Application
  • Written Application