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American University of Beirut

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Lovely Experience in Beirut

Dear all of you,

I can totally recommend the opportunity to study abroad for one or more semester at AUB. The staff was always friendly, professors really good and the overall feeling was like coming home each time I entered the campus. But a bit more in detail:

I'm an industrial engineer from Germany, so I used to have most of my lectures at the business school. OSB ist located right next to the seaside in a nice-looking building. The quality of the lectures was high and I really enjoyed the many discussions we had in class with the professor. Plus: I also had a lecture which had nothing to do with my normal background but was in politics.

The first address you will go to in AUB is the OIP office. Those guys are really amazing. They take care of everything for you and if you need help OIP staff and the mentors are your first contact persons. They will guide you through the registration process and organize trips on weekends to various sites in Lebanon.

The Campus:
As mentioned before, AUB campus ist right next to the seaside. Private beach, gyms and simming pools included. The campus itself is very pretty and probably the place with the fastest internet in Lebanon (you won't believe that while waiting in a queue for your meal at lunch time).

Beirut and Lebanon:
I was overwhelmed by the friendly and warm welcome I got everywhere I went to. I lived in Hamra, off campus and made new friends quickly. Lebanon and Beirut both are absolutely amazing and worth a visit. There's no need to be afraid of something, if you're in doubt whether it's safe to go somewhere or not, just ask your lebanese friends, mentors or OIP.

All in all:
Thumbs up for AUB and Lebanon!