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Work Experience Australia Program

Alliance Abroad Group GUARANTEES a 6-12 month PAID hospitality job BEFORE you land in Australia. How do we do it? We have a great team in Australia and the US that have established...

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Alliance Abroad Group, Australia

Going to Australia was an amazing experience for me. I met the very best people, made some amazing friends, and did even more amazing things. I'd go again in a heartbeat. But I'd never go through a program again. Initially, all of my questions were answered promptly and it seemed the very best thing to do. Once in the program, I had to do a lot of prompting to find out the next step would be in getting to Australia. And once I was in Australia, I may as well have not had a program for as much as they helped. I didn't have many problems, but I struggled a little financially trying to pay my American bills, which I was assured wouldn't be a problem. I just wanted help finding another job, one that gave more than twenty hours and was told I should just be more careful with my money. The locals ended up getting me a second job so that I could get decent hours. And halfway through my program, my coordinator left and not one person in the program had the decency to tell us. Doing and planning things outside of the program was where I had the most fun and made the best memories, because anything involved with the program was just stressful.

Program: Work Experience Australia Program

  • Alliance Abroad Group responded to this review August 15, 2016 at 11:04 AM

    We're sorry that you had a less than fabulous experience. Have you contacted the AAI team directly to discuss the issues you have experienced?
    If you could provide some more information, we'll be happy to look into the matter and hopefully do whatever we can to make your impression and experience amazing all the way around.

    The Team at AAG