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About AHA International / University of Oregon

Year Founded: 1957

AHA International was founded in 1957 with the aim of increasing intercultural competency and international awareness for university students throughout the United States. AHA International is an academic program of the University of Oregon whose study abroad programs support and guide student learning and growth, are academically challenging, and are aligned with the academic, programmatic, and internationalization goals of its partner institutions and faculty. We provide transformative international experiences that integrate students' intellectual, intercultural, and personal learning.

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Spanish Language, Culture, and Business in Rosario, Argentina

Argentina : Rosario

Explore Rosario, located 200 miles upriver from Buenos Aires. Discover its rich history influenced by European lineage and its flavorful charm evident in the language, style,...

Italian Language and Culture in Siena, Italy

Italy : Siena

Surrounded by soaring medieval towers and Gothic architecture, discover Siena--a Tuscan jewel seemingly undamaged by the modern age. Stroll through the Piazza del Campo,

Summer Study in Studio Art in Macerata, Italy

Italy : Macerata

The Art Studio program is designed for art majors or minors or for students who have completed previous Art course work. Courses are held in a 17th century Palazzo Floriani...

French Language and Culture in Angers, France

France : Angers

This program is designed for students interested in learning French and more about French culture, politics and society. French language is offered to students with beginning-level...

Summer Music Performance in Vienna, Austria

Austria : Vienna

The Summer Music Performance program is designed for Music majors or minors, or for students who have had significant previous music instruction. Students also take a specially...

Arabic Language and Culture in Fes, Morocco

Morocco : Fes

Adventure beyond the pages of your text book, and dare to learn to the beat of a bendir drum. Morocco's cultural rhythms will sweep you away, expediting your Arabic language...

International Business in Shanghai, China

China : Shanghai

Study international business in Shanghai - the vibrant, cosmopolitan city that serves as the financial powerhouse of China. This six week program is designed to fulfill two...

Development Studies and Service Learning in Accra, Ghana

Ghana : Accra

Discover first-hand the complexities of ethnic, economic and gender identities related to assisting local communities to take charge of their own destinies. Participate in,...

Summer German Language Intensive in Berlin, Germany

Germany : Berlin

Study in Berlin- the vibrant, modern capital city of Germany. Explore this urban metropolis, its stunning architecture, bustling street cafes, diverse theaters and cabaret,...

Summer Culture Studies in Dublin, Ireland

Ireland : Dublin

Discover the Emerald Isle. Explore the lush, green, rolling hills of the countryside and the dramatic coast. Stroll the city streets and experience the collision of Georgian...

Spanish Language and Culture in Segovia, Spain

Spain : Segovia

Explore one of Spain's most beautiful and historically interesting cities, Segovia. Visit the Roman Aqueduct; the Alcazar, a fortified palace; and the Cathedral, the last...

Summer Hispanic Heritage and Language in Oviedo, Spain

Spain : Oviedo

Surrounded by pre-Romanesque monuments, the gothic cathedral of San Salvador, and the 400-year-old University of Ovideo, discover one of the most culturally significant regions...

Direct Enrollment in Dunedin, New Zealand

New Zealand : Dunedin

Discover the South Island of New Zealand surrounded by forests, lakes, rolling hills, and glaciers. Experience the natural harbor, unique wildlife, and historic sites. Visit...

Direct Enrollment in Perth, Australia

Australia : Perth

Surrounded by endless beaches, giant karri forests, vast desert landscapes, and contemporary skyscrapers, experience and learn from the capital of Western Australia. Enjoy...

Study Abroad in the Heartland of New South Wales - Canberra

Australia : Canberra

Experience the heartland of New South Wales, just 200 miles from the eastern coast. Walk through the beautiful bush land and mountainous terrain. Visit historical national...

French Language Immersion in Angers, France

France : Angers

Surrounded by a castle and cathedral dating back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, discover and explore the heart of France in Angers. Experience the best of the medieval...

Humanities Study and Internship in London, England

England : London

Experience London, the cosmopolitan capital of Britain. Walk from the British Museum to the West End theaters. Experience the art, architecture, theater, and history of London....

Art and History in Athens, Greece

Greece : Athinai (Athens)

Live and study in this colorful, vibrant capital, the birthplace of western civilization, at the crossroads of east and west. Experience the Parthenon, the Acropolis, and...

Italian Language and Culture in Macerata, Italy

Italy : Macerata

Surrounded by Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture on a hilltop between the Chienti and Potenza rivers, the medieval walled city of Macerata sits on the eastern...

Language and Culture in Vienna, Austria

Austria : Vienna

At the crossroads of European culture, Vienna has always attracted artistic genius in music, art, architecture, literature, philosophy, and the sciences. Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven,...