Volunteers and local kids playing tug of war Volunteers and local kids playing tug of war

Rural Animal Healthcare & Rehabilitation, Zanzibar

Overall Rating

10/ 10

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Wonderful experience!

I spent two weeks at the Teaching and Community development project in Zanzibar and it was such a wonderful experience. On arrival, I was exhausted and quite nervous to teach as I never had before but the minute you have your first class that all disappears! The children as well as the adults are incredible and love to learn and it fills you with such joy. The cycle to and from School is beautiful and it didnt matter that I had not sat on a bike in over 3 years! Life at the volunteer house is huge fun, between game nights and organised weekend trips it is such a happy existence and it is incredible how much you bond with complete strangers so quickly! A definate highlight of mine was delivering donations to a local womans house and seeing how happy it made her! The volunteer accomodation is right on the beach with only a wooden gate seperating you from the beautiful sea and incredible sunrises can be seen from your bedroom! There were also two night guards so you feel perfectly safe. I would highly reccommend anyone thinking of joining this project to go for it as it will be one of the most memorable and fullfilling trips you take!

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