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Year Founded: 1999

Many people like to travel and take vacations abroad, but you only ever see things as a tourist. Have you ever thought about actually living in another country and experiencing life as the local people do? And if you've considered it, how do you go about accomplishing this goal? Where do you begin? This is why Adelante was established, to enable participants to achieve their dream through our own experience and expertise.

Adelante has been in business since 1999, when it began with the internship program in Madrid. The program followed a simple formula - airport pickup and orientation to assist in your arrival; a good, clean, safe place to live; intensive Spanish classes to practice and improve your language skills; and internship placement in a local company working with Spanish people in a real workplace environment. This worked, providing candidates with the essential components needed to live abroad while still allowing them independence to find their own way in a new city and to create their own unique experience.

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Equine Summer Study in Scotland

Scotland : Edinburgh

This four week program includes two sophomore level courses, equine anatomy and physiology and equine fitness, as well as hands on experience with English style riding. It...

Intern in Madrid, Spain

Spain : Madrid

This is Adelante's most developed International Internship Program with over 250 participating companies. Placements are available in social media, medicine, international...

Intern in Barcelona, Spain

Spain : Barcelona

The largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona serves as a tourist, cultural, and economic hot spot while heavily influencing the region's commerce, entertainment,...

Intern In Scotland

Scotland : Edinburgh

Take advantage of Adelante's observation and research assignment placements in lush Edinburgh, Scotland (sectors listed below). Edinburgh is the nation's capital and boasts...

Ecology Conservation Program in Scotland

Scotland : Edinburgh

Natural beauty and heritage come to mind when one thinks of beautiful, green Edinburgh, Scotland. Inland cliffs, freshwater streams, woodlands and grasslands provide a bountiful...

Intern in Chile

Chile : Valparaiso, Vina del Mar

What do you know about Chile? Probably not much. Trust us when we say, there may not be a better place to spend an internship abroad. Adelante offers programs in neighboring...

Intern in Seville, Spain

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

Adelantes programs are meant to be an equal balance of cultural immersion and work experience. This is exactly what you'll be getting in Seville, Spain. Seville is one...

Semester Abroad in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

Costa Rica is one of the world's most breathtaking and lush countries. Why not spend a semester or a summer in San Jose, Costa Rica's radiant capital? Immerse yourself in...

Semester in Seville, Spain

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

Language acquisition and cultural immersion are always at the forefront of Adelante Abroad's programs. In Seville, Spain, students are sure to develop their Spanish language,...

Intern in Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and the epicenter of economical and political activity in the country. For these reasons, there may not be a better location to begin...

Volunteer in Mexico

Mexico : Oaxaca

Adelante Abroad offers low cost volunteer programs in a wide variety of sectors (listed below) in Oaxaca, Mexico. Newly added sectors include ecology, accounting, psychology,...

Intern in the Costa del Sol (Marbella & San Pedro)

Spain : Marbella

Marbella & San Pedro in the Costa del Sol are already popular destinations for tourists. A quick search on Google images will make it easy to see why the region called "The...

Summer Spanish Language Studies in San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

San Jose is the radiant capital of Costa Rica, one of the most lush and breathtaking countries in the world. We can't think of a better place to spend a summer. Dive into...

Summer Study in Seville

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

Summer study abroad programs with Adelante offers a shorter term without sacrificing a semester's worth of experience and learning Adelante offers two options for studying...

Intern in Uruguay

Uruguay : Montevideo

This country is most likely the best kept secret in South America. Clean, serene, and safe, Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and a refreshing departure from other heavily...

Intern in Spain

Spain : Barcelona, Madrid and 2 other cities , Marbella, Seville (Sevilla) Show less

Spain is a hot spot for tourists and visitors from across the world, but to truly experience what Spain has to offer, you just need to live there. Immerse yourself in the...


Alumni Interviews

Staff Interviews

  • Kimberly Haber - General Manager

    Kimberly Haber - General Manager

    Kimberly Haber graduated from UCSB with a degree in Economics. Her graduation present was a backpacking trip to Europe, and the plan was to begin her MBA upon return, and she wound up staying for five years. A big part of how Adelante Abroad came into existence is due to those years of experiences living and working abroad. At every turn, and to this day, her life goals continue to include international travel – now that she has two daughters, she has permanent travel companions and drags, er.., takes them along every chance possible

    Pre-Adelante Abroad, Founder and General Manager Kimberly Haber worked for the then California Angels, at Angel Stadium and also worked for International Franchise organizations in the education market. Her travels abroad and inspiration to stay abroad and throw her old goals out the window, inspired Kimberly to found Adelante Abroad and help individuals around the world gain international experience that will literally change their lives.

    Mother and daughter in Chile
    Kimberly with her daughter on their last trip to Vina del Mar and Valparaiso, Chile to visit Adelante program sites.

    What exactly does your role at Adelante Abroad entail?

    I am the founder and General Manager. My work is to connect daily with our international staff, search for new and better ways to enhance our programs, communicate with candidates who might be having some issues adjusting abroad, oversee our marketing efforts, come up with fun ways to engage future candidates (right now we are running a Video and Photo Contest, “Day in the Life of an Intern”, that has a $500 prize, for example), and just all of the other good bits and pieces that it takes to run a successful international business. 

    How did you become connected with the Adelante Abroad?

    When I graduated UCSB (University of California Santa Barbara), my graduation present was a three month Eurail Pass – so I started at the top, in Norway, and wound up staying for five years, eventually visiting most of Europe, and final-landing in Spain completely out of money, where I found a job.

    My first job in Spain was working for a radio station, 103.3 Radio Onda in Nerja, I will never forget! When I returned, I wrote a book about the experience and one of my initial supporters suggested I start helping others do what I did. So, in 1999 Adelante was born and our first destination city was in Spain, of course, Bilbao in the north. After that came Madrid, then Barcelona, Sevilla and finally Marbella. Growth has been organic: once one program city was established and running smoothly, I would add another. Next came Oaxaca, Mexico, then Costa Rica, then Chile and then Uruguay. Ecuador is next, I think! 

    What makes the Adelante Abroad’s programs different from those offered by other providers?

    Well, we are certainly the most economical program out there, that is easy to see. Our specialty is International Internship Programs, and we do also offer a select few Semester/Summer Study Abroad programs. Then, by design we are a smaller firm, with a boutique, or custom mentality, versus a straight corporate one.

    Adelante sends a couple hundred candidates a year, not thousands, and we get to know each candidate, sometimes their whole families over the program process. This also means that we can personally visit all of our housing sites regularly, our language schools are solid partners and our on-site staff are locals that have been with Adelante Abroad, in some cases as long as 14 years and our “rookie” has been with us for six years. 

    Study abroad experiences often change a participant’s view of the world. How do you make sure students who apply to Adelante Abroad are ready for these life-changing experiences?

    We screen, screen, screen – our application process is straightforward and quick, however we do require a one hour Skype or phone interview, and we check at minimum two references. We then provide pages of orientation materials that we make our candidates sign & initial that they have read. Adelante has no problem whatsoever in counselling a candidate out of one of our programs if we notice any red flags. For example, if there are a lot of questions about group activities or concerns about where roommates are from, well this person probably needs to do a semester or summer study abroad, not the more independent intern abroad program. 

    In your role, how do you help students prepare for the experience of studying abroad?

    I conduct the one hour phone interview and prior to that I am often the resource for any questions that our other staff might not be able to answer here. Running these programs successfully all of these years, plus my past and ongoing living and working abroad experiences make me a good reference point.

    I am also blunt. Interning abroad, in a foreign country, for six months will most definitely look good on a resume and will absolutely change a person; however it is not glamourous. It requires homework upfront and ongoing willingness to live decidedly out of one’s comfort zone.

    What is the best advice you can give students who are interested in applying to an Adelante Abroad program?

    Call us. This office is a wonderful, relevant resource. Read the review sites, even the bad ones will help you learn if you are a good fit for our programs or not.

    What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job with Adelante Abroad?

    Knowing that each day we help people experience things that they could never imagine if they stayed home. I believe those experiences are beneficial at a global level: if every one of us were able to go live and intern or study abroad for three – six months, at least once, we would most assuredly be living in a more harmonious and inclusive world.

  • Jax NTP - Marketing Coordinator

    Jax NTP - Marketing Coordinator

    Jax holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing – Poetry from California State University, Long Beach. She was the former editor-in-chief of RipRap Literary Journal and associate editor of The Fat City Review. Jax has an affinity for jellyfish and polaris, as well as a fetish for miniature succulent terrariums. After studying abroad in London and Paris during her undergraduate degree – Jax is thrilled to send as many students abroad as possible and connect them to international opportunities via Adelante’s e-presence.

    Poetry reading in Paris, France

    Jax reading her poetry aloud while studying abroad in Paris.

    What exactly does your role at Adelante entail?

    As Marketing Coordinator I outreach to prospective students (gap year, in college, graduate, etc.) and maintain communication with our current and past candidates via managing our social media presence, creating email marketing campaigns, and writing original content for our newsletters and program listings on internship and study abroad web directories.

    How did you become connected with Adelante?

    While working on my manuscript post-graduation — I was drenched in nostalgia for my experiences abroad in London and Paris — that’s when I came across Adelante listing via CSULB (California State University Long Beach) Alumni job board: “someone passionate about sending students abroad” - Perfect. 

    What makes the Adelante’s programs different from those offered by other providers?

    Adelante offers an affordable application fee at $150 along with competitive program prices. Our programs consist of: in-country internship work assignment (20hrs/week), two weeks of intensive Spanish courses for all proficiency levels, centrally located housing, and resources on-site with our program directors. Most importantly, our programs are designed for the adventurous and wildly independent at heart (we don’t believe in hand-holding and tourism masked as internships/study abroad).

    In your role, how do you help students prepare for the experience of studying abroad?

    I connect with our prospective, current, and past candidates via social media and online message boards. I offer an elaborate overview of essential FAQ in their “pre-departure orientation” packages. In addition, Adelante provides resources and live advice on TweetChats (#AdelanteAdvice) and now on our newly launched webinar series.

    What is the best advice you can give students who are interested in applying to an Adelante program?

    Susan Sontag summed it up best in one of her journal entries: “Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. Attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. Stay eager.” 

  • Leah Kuhlmann - International Internship Programs Coordinator

    Leah Kuhlmann - International Internship Programs Coordinator

    After a road trip across America from Massachusetts to California, Leah moved to Seal Beach, CA, where she is now enjoying the sun and the sand. She studied abroad in London and Sydney during her time at Boston University and after college she backpacked through SE Asia. Outside of work, Leah studies Speech Language Pathology at California State Long Beach and enjoys playing beach volleyball. Leah's passion for travel brought her to Adelante, where she now works as Programs Coordinator, sending candidates around the world to work in international internship placements.

    What exactly does your role at Adelante entail?

    The International Internship Programs Coordinator role is first and foremost responsible for communicating Adelante program information to inquiring candidates. Once a candidate signs up for one of our programs, my role is to help them through the process of preparing to go abroad. From setting up their initial interview with Adelante Director Kimberly Haber, to relaying their housing and internship itineraries, and scheduling their airport pickup, I provide a guiding hand to our candidates every step of the way. 

    Temple in Thailand

    Leah immersing herself fully into the culture of Thailand.

    How did you become connected with the Adelante?

    I become connected with Adelante through a personal network soon after moving to Seal Beach, CA, where Adelante is headquartered. After researching the Adelante website, I was excited to see that their mission parallels my love of education and travel. I quickly inquired about an interview for the International Internship Programs Coordinator position.

    What makes Adelante’s programs different from those offered by other providers?

    Adelante is an independent, boutique travel abroad agency, which sets us apart from bigger travel agencies that are often housed within higher education institutions. At Adelante, we work with our candidates to customize their ideal travel and internship experience that fulfills their personal goals for traveling abroad. Our programs are much less expensive than other similar programs and we have the added personal touch. 

    Study abroad experiences often change a participant’s view of the world. How do you make sure students who apply to Adelante are ready for these life-changing experiences?

    At Adelante, we conduct an interview screen of all our candidates in order to ensure that they have the maturity and life skills to travel abroad. We are excited for our candidates to have these life changing experiences and we pride ourselves on ensuring that they are ready for what is to come.

    In your role, how do you help students prepare for the experience of studying abroad?

    The International Internship Programs Coordinator is the go-to person for all study abroad questions from our candidates. I provide them with all the materials they will need once abroad (internship assignment, housing documents, etc.) and I make sure that they have contact information of Adelante personnel in The States as well as their abroad country of choice in case any questions arise.

    What is the best advice you can give students who are interested in applying to an Adelante program?

    When you have the opportunity to travel, take it! Life gets busy and it is something that will positively impact your life forever. Open your mind to new experiences. Other countries don’t operate like you are used to. Immerse yourself in new situations and you will learn more than you ever imagined!

    What is the most fulfilling aspect of your job with Adelante?

    I have had the privilege of doing ample travel throughout my lifetime and I love that my passion now coincides with my work. Every time I send a candidate abroad, I feel so excited for them and their upcoming adventure!