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About Academic Programs International (API)

Year Founded: 1997

Learning Transformed. Life Transforming.

API was founded in 1997 by four women who wanted to create a different, meaningful study abroad experience that not only placed emphasis on outstanding academics, but also immersive cultural experiences.

API offers college study abroad programs year-round in 18 countries, in 40 cities across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. Programs can be as long as a full academic year or as short as two weeks. With a wide variety of courses offered in almost every major discipline and in various languages of instruction, it is easy for students to find a program that suits their academic interests. While courses are available in English in many locations, if foreign language acquisition is the primary goal, API offers high quality language and culture programs for all levels of language learners.

API also offers intern, teach, volunteer, and work opportunities all around the world through our Cultural Embrace by API division. High school and gap year students may study or volunteer abroad through Aspire by API.

In addition to the strength of our academic and experiential programs, API has twice been recognized by for excellence in study abroad innovation (2011 Innovation in Social Media Award; 2013 Innovative Technology Award). API has also been recognized by the Austin American-Statesman for its social media and outreach efforts (2012).

Discover Programs

API - Study Abroad in Spain at The University of Granada

Spain : Granada

API's Study Abroad program in Granada, Spain offers students the chance to study in a diverse city with a Bohemian feel at one of Spain's premier institutions. The city and...

API at LdM - The Italian International Institute in Rome

Italy : Roma (Rome)

Come study a variety of different subjects at Lorenzo de' Medici in the heart of Rome! The school is perfect students who thrive in an urban environment but prefer the intimate,...

API - Study Abroad in Spain at The University of Cadiz

Spain : Cadiz

To study abroad in Cadiz, Spain means studying in a location a bit off the beaten path in terms of American study abroad students. This makes it easier for students to practice...

API at the Antonio de Nebrija University in Madrid

Spain : Madrid

Madrid is ideal for the urbanite who loves a bustling, cosmopolitan city with a dynamic culture. With courses taught primarily in Spanish, students will have an opportunity...

API - Study Abroad in Spain at The University of Seville

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

Study Abroad in Spain at The University of Seville with Academic Programs International which offers an exceptional learning experience with many chances for extensive travel....

API - Study Abroad Program at The University of Salamanca

Spain : Salamanca

Study abroad in Salamanca, a small city of about 230,000 people. The Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; its Plaza Mayor (city center) is one of the most impressive...

API at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Germany : Berlin

Erleben Sie Deutschland! Students who have a desire to improve their German language and cultural knowledge yet only have a limited time to do so, are ideal for this short...

API at the University Autonoma in Barcelona, Spain

Spain : Barcelona

Come study in Barcelona and discover the charming nature of the city as well as its Catalan flair. Studying in Barcelona offers the chance to meet other international students,...

API in Galway at the National University of Ireland, Galway

Ireland : Galway

Travel to Galway and experience Irelands authentically vibrant and rich culture. Ideal for any student who is ready to jump head first into the heart of Irish life and culture,...

API in Sharjah, UAE

United Arab Emirates : Sharjah

Explore the beautiful and vibrant city of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Although Arabic is the official language, English is widely spoken so students will be able...

API at Universidad Veritas in San Jose

Costa Rica : San Jose

Experience the beautiful blend of a thriving urban environment surrounded by a flourishing rainforest! Studying at Universidad Veritas is perfect for students who are looking...

API at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Ireland : Dublin, Maynooth

Study in the heart of Ireland in the charming university town of Maynooth! This city is ideal for any student eager to live in a quaint, student-friendly Irish community

API at the University of Belgrano in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the second biggest metropolitan area in South America, just after São Paulo. It is a dynamic, diverse, and modern city that still possesses a strong understanding...

API at the Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne

France : Paris

Receive more than an introduction to la vie Française and live within the famed city of lights and love. This program is ideal for the student who longs for the romance

API at the University of Deusto in Bilbao

Spain : Bilbao

Come explore the vibrant and exciting Basque culture of Bilbao, Spain. Ideal for students interested in learning more about Basque culture and language as well as those who...

API in Florence

Italy : Florence

Be inspired by immaculate Renaissance architecture, passionate art pieces, as well as a vibrant and historical culture! Florence is arguably one of the most desirable cities...

API at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville

Spain : Seville (Sevilla)

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, sits in southwestern Spain and is known for its rich 2000 year history and beautiful weather. API at Pablo de Olavide University in Seville...

API in Shanghai, China

China : Shanghai

Shanghai is currently the largest city in the world by population and is a dynamic, vibrant metropolis. This city and program are ideal for students who wish to dive head...

API in Beijing, China

China : Beijing

Experience Beijing as a resident and student! This program is great for curious students who prefer an urban environment as well as those who want to immerse themselves in...

API at the University of Havana

Cuba : Havana

Spend a term living on the biggest of the Caribbean islands and have an abroad experience like no other! It is perfect for the student who is adventurous, has an advanced...

API in Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina : Mendoza

Known for its delightful food, untouched wilderness, and charming culture, Mendoza, Argentina is a great place to study abroad! Adventurous students interested in Argentine...

API at Dubrovnik International University

Croatia : Dubrovnik

The city of Dubrovnik is recognized throughout the world as a place with a distinct identity in terms of traits and factors which conditioned its development. These include...

API at Freie Universität Berlin (FU-BEST)

Germany : Berlin

Students who are looking to improve their knowledge of German language and culture and still take courses within their area of studies in English will find what they need...

API in Taormina

Italy : Taormina

Taormina is a beautiful and ancient city located off of the eastern coast of Sicily. Studying here is ideal for students who are independent, outdoorsy, and have a desire...

API in Stirling

Scotland : Stirling

Discover the quaint, historic town of Stirling, Scotland. The program is perfect for adventurous, outdoorsy students who want to live in a buzzing student-friendly city with...

API in Edinburgh

Scotland : Edinburgh

Live in a city with an incredible, historical heritage! Edinburgh has a vibrant cultural scene of live music, performing arts, and galleries as well as high quality educational...

API in Caen

France : Caen

Travel to the beautiful, medieval city of Caen and discover authentic French culture. This city and program are ideal for any student who longs to be immersed in French culture...

API at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

England : London

Get the opportunity to attend a leading institution which specializes in the study of Asia, Africa, and the Middle East while living in the diverse city of London! The School...

API at the Universidad Vina del Mar

Chile : Vina del Mar

Come study at a smaller university located in the beautiful coastal city of Vina del Mar! Urban-loving students who are curious, independent, and are interested in exploring...

API at the Universidad Technica Federico Santa Maria

Chile : Valparaiso

Study in the beautiful and diverse city of Valparaiso, Chile at a leading technical university! Valparaiso overlooks the Pacific Ocean from its many hillsides that are filled...

API at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso

Chile : Valparaiso

Experience the culturally rich port city of Valparaiso while attending courses among a diverse student body! This program is perfect for those who prefer an urban environment...

API in Doha, Qatar

Qatar : Doha

Come and study in Qatar to experience a culture like no other! Qatar is a nation about the size of Connecticut, but the small country offers a very unique experience. The...

API at University College London

England : London

Get ready to experience London in all its glory as a resident of the city! Studying in London is ideal for academically focused students who are eager to attend a prestigious...

API at University College Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Come experience this international campus in one of Europes most exciting cities! Ideal for students who are focused heavily on academics and want to attend a distinguished,...

API at Trinity College Dublin

Ireland : Dublin

Founded in 1592, Trinity College exists as one of the United Kingdom's seven ancient universities and through time has developed quite a prestigious name for itself. Great...

API at the Institut Catholique in Paris

France : Paris

Founded in 1948, the ILCF (Institut de Langue et de Cultures Francaises) is a department of the Catholic University of Paris (Insitut Catholique de Paris). The ILCF welcomes...

API at the Universidad Torcuato di Tella in Buenos Aires

Argentina : Buenos Aires

Come explore the ever expanding cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires, Argentina! The city is great for students who are adventurous and independent yet would prefer smaller

API at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona

Spain : Barcelona

Calling all urbanites looking to see the world! Barcelona is a fantastic destination for active students who are seeking a lively student population and a chance to meet

API at the Center Universitaire d'Etudes Francaises (CUEF)

France : Grenoble

Come discover true France while living in the heart of Grenoble. Ideal for someone who is eager to learn the French language and immerse themselves in French culture, this...

API at the Universidad de Costa Rica

Costa Rica : San Jose

API offers a comprehensive study abroad program in the Costa Rican capital city of San Jose. API students in San Jose will study Spanish language and liberal arts at the

API at the Instituto San Joaquin de Flores

Costa Rica : San Joaquin de Flores

San Joaquín de Flores is a quaint town located just outside of San José, Costa Rica. It's the perfect study abroad location for students who are interested in an off-the-beaten-path...

API and The University of Massachusetts in Paris

France : Paris

Paris, the city of lights and love, is known for its rich and diverse culture, delectable food, and incredible monuments and museums. Studying in Paris is ideal for the student...

API at the University of the Arts, London

England : London

There is something in London for everyone! As a center of design, fine arts, theater, business and politics, London has inspired cutting-edge innovation and creativity for...

API at the London School of Economics

England : London

With the 6th largest economy in the world and the 3rd largest in Europe, the United Kingdom is a great place to study business and economics! This program is perfect for

API in Leeds

England : Leeds

Come live in the beautiful city of Leeds! Adventurous and independent students who are excited about studying in a vibrant, cosmopolitan university town and want to discover...

API at the University of Westminster

England : London

London is a city that has inspired cutting-edge innovation for centuries. As an international center of business, fine arts, technology, politics and much more, London has...

API at the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao

Spain : Bilbao

This program is designed for art majors/minors. Students are required to have taken two semesters of college level Spanish. Some courses of study may require a higher working...

API at the Grenoble Ecole de Management

France : Grenoble

Ideal for the business student who is ready for an introduction to French culture, academic excellence, and a whole lot of adventure, this API program in Grenoble will broaden...

API at John Cabot University in Rome

Italy : Roma (Rome)

Studying abroad in Rome is not for the faint-hearted nor the quiet-minded. With its enormous and bustling urban environment, its layers of rich and complex history, and the...

API at the University College Cork, National University of Ireland

Ireland : Cork

Cork is the ideal city for a student who thrives in an urban environment and someone who would take advantage of the many international festivals and concerts that happen...

API in Queretaro, Mexico

Mexico : Queretaro

Live within the heart of Mexican culture in the traditional yet surprisingly modern city of Queretaro, Mexico! Ideally for open-minded students who wish to study the Spanish...

API 3 Cities Program - Tuscania, Rome and Florence or Venice

Italy : Florence, Roma (Rome) and 2 other cities , Tuscania, Venice Show less

The Three Cities Program is a unique travel opportunity ideal for any student with a flexible and inquiring mind. Students who are equally comfortable in a large city setting...

Academic Programs International in Krakow

Poland : Krakow

A city of kings, popes, and poets, Krakow is a historically rich, diverse, and bustling city yet is located less than two hours from the stunning, Alp-like Tatra Mountains....

API in Budapest

Hungary : Budapest

Come study at Corvinus, one of the most prestigious universities in Hungary! Renowned specifically for its programs in Economics, Management, and Social Sciences, this program...

API in Venice

Italy : Venice

API students have the opportunity to study at the new Lorenzo de Medici - The Italian International Institute in Venice! LdM Venice, in affiliation with Istituto Venezia,...

API at the University of Limerick

Ireland : Limerick

Want to experience the "luck of the Irish?" Spend time studying in Limerick, Ireland and discover what gives the country its reputable charm. This API program is ideal for...

API at Suffolk University in Madrid

Spain : Madrid

Madrid is the third largest city in the European Union and Suffolk University has students from over 25 nationalities on campus. This provides the ideal set up for someone...

API at the International Center for Development Studies in San Jose

Costa Rica : San Jose

Development Studies in Latin America by API is the perfect fit for students interested in sustainable development and human rights. The International Center for Development...

API at The University of Barcelona

Spain : Barcelona

API's Study at the University of Barcelona program takes students to the second largest city in Spain. Barcelona has nine World Heritage Sites making even an every day stroll...

API - Study Abroad at The University Complutense of Madrid

Spain : Madrid

Study Abroad at The University Complutense of Madrid, one of the world's oldest universities in Spain's largest city. The beautiful and expansive campus has produced world...

API - Experience the Beauty and History of Tuscania

Italy : Tuscania

Academic Programs Internationals program - Experience the Beauty and History of Tuscania  immerses students in the small town atmosphere of authentic Italy. Students will...

Alumni Interviews

Christine O’Dea - 2013 Program Participant

Christine is a 2014 graduate from Hofstra University, but forever a student of travel, gratitude, and happiness. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media Studies with a concentration in Media and Culture, and was awarded High Honors for ...

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Provider Interviews

Lola Bernal - Resident Director Seville, Spain

Lola Bernal has been Resident Director of API’s study abroad programs in Seville for more than 10 years. Her role allows her to work with API staff in Seville to maintain satisfying academic programs for students from all over the world...

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Jeramy Johnson - Vice President of Marketing and Development

Serving as API’s Vice President of Marketing and Development, Jeramy ensures that every program offered exudes the API mission. Jeramy grew up in Texas and earned a Bachelor’s degree the University of Texas at Austin in Advertising. He...

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